History of NAEO

AMTELCO installed its first Electronic Video Exchange (EVE) system at Spectrum Communications, located in Wauwatosa, WI in May, 1983, and debuted its new product at the Associated Telemessaging Services International (ATSI) meeting in June of that same year.

The following year the number of EVE system installations increased, and the new owners gathered in St. Louis, MO to network and discuss what additional features might be added to the EVE system to make it stronger. These discussions included John Morley, the original architect of the EVE system.

As the group of owners had grown to 50 strong and at their next meeting in 1984 it was decided to formalize the group and appoint a board of directors who included:

  • Mari Osmon
  • Jim Marchbank
  • Larry Gignac
  • Todd Kamp
  • Sandy Arbuthnot
  • Jan Cosby
  • Earl Kunz
  • Jeanette Parent

The organization was officially named National Association of EVE Owners (NAEO) and volunteers handled all functions of the organization.

Subsequent annual meetings included AMTELCO representatives, and owner-members brought "Wish List” items to the meetings for consideration by AMTELCO. Those wishes that were deemed possible were implemented – making the EVE platform increasingly powerful.

In 1988, Joe Everly and John Morley of AMTELCO debuted a brand new concept in telemessaging, a PC-based open architecture system called PCMX. This paperless messaging system included an integrated voice mail system, allowing owners to enjoy the efficiencies of maintaining a single system. The users of both PCMX and EVE joined forces and renamed the organization National AMTELCO Equipment Owners, maintaining the NAEO name.

In 1993, AMTELCO introduced its new Infinity system, which integrated paperless messaging and voice processing with a significantly larger account capacity. It continues to be AMTELCO’s premier product today.

In 2003, the Intelligent Series module was added to the Infinity platform offering script-based message services – a major development in the industry. NAEO continues its tradition of working closely with AMTELCO to make all of the AMTELCO product offerings as strong and valuable to the industry as possible.

Current members of NAEO are compromised of EVE and Infinity users. The organization now includes a combination of owners, managers, IT specialists, and others who work closely with the AMTELCO equipment to ensure a smooth running call center.

NAEO's Early Years

May, 1983
The first EVE system was installed in Milwaukee, WI at Spectrum Communication Services. AMTELCO introduced EVE at the ATSI meeting in June, 1983 which was held in Florida.

Spring, 1984
Several EVE owners and potential owners gathered in St. Louis, MO for a meeting to discuss the current equipment and future development of the system. John Morley led the discussions.

Fall, 1984
Over 50 people attended the first AMTELCO EVE Conference which was held at Lincolnshire in Chicago, IL. After much discussion and brainstorming, the group made the decision to form a formal equipment user group and selected their first board of directors (Mari Osmon, Jim Marchbank, Larry Gignac, Todd Kamp, Sandy Arbuthnot, Jan Cosby, Earl Kunz and Jeanette Parent). The user group was named NAEO (National Association of EVE Owners). We elected to hold two meetings per year and annual dues of $100.00 per service. All association functions were done on a volunteer basis. Larry Gignac was named as first president.

Spring, 1986
At the Baltimore, MD meeting, the first EVE audio training program was presented to NAEO. The program was developed, written and prepared by Sandy Arbuthnot, Jan Cosby, Jeanette Parent and Mari Osmon on a volunteer basis. The program was well-received.

Fall, 1988
At the meeting held at Cherry Hill, PA, the group met while Hurricane Gloria was destroying the surrounding area. All went home with a "We survived Hurricane Gloria” t-shirt.

Spring, 1990
At the meeting held in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Joe Everly and John Morley made a presentation of the future direction of development of the EVE system. Many of the features previewed became the base for the Infinity system. At the same time, NAEO decided to included owners of PCMX equipment.

Spring, 1991
First joint EVE and PCMX meeting was held in St. Petersburg, FL at the Tradewinds Hotel.

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