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NAEO Membership

Membership in the National Amtelco Equipment Owners provides a number of benefits.

Membership is open to Amtelco equipment owners. For an explanation of membership categories, please refer to the member types listed below. NAEO reviews all applications for membership and reserves the right to deny membership to those individuals who do not meet the criteria for membership as specified in the membership requirements.

NAEO offers a rolling membership, meaning your membership begins on the date your application is approved and payment is processed, and extends for one year. Dues may be deductible as membership in a professional association on your income tax forms. Consult your tax advisor for more information. To receive member rates for an event, you must first become a member, and then register for the event(s). These will be two separate transactions.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call our office at 800-809-6373.

Options to Join:

  1. Choose the member type and complete the online application and pay with credit card or create an invoice. IMPORTANT: Membership will not be active until payment is received. If you choose the invoice option, you will need to pay in 45 days or your application will be removed from the database.

  2. Download the form and send in payment – check, credit card or PO.

Accepted Credit Cards

MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.

Regular Member

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This category is for organizations or individuals who own, lease or use Amtelco equipment as a significant component of their telemessaging business and who are principal operators. Regular members enjoy all member benefits and are eligible to one vote.

Regular Member Pricing:

Category Licenses Member Price Quarterly Price
A 1-6 $736 $845
B 7-10 $982 $1,112
C 11-20 $1,073 $1,174
D 21-30 $1,165 $1,298
E 31-50 $1,349 $1,462
F 51-150 $1,841 $1,957
G 151-250 $2,453 $2,575
H 251+ $3,067 $3,193
EVE Eve $736 -

Associate Member

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  • Membership Fee: $1000

Organizations or individuals who share a common interest with and desire to support and promote the purpose of NAEO (included, but not limited to) those organizations engaged in selling and providing products or services to regular members of NAEO.

Associate Members receive:

  • annual one-time marketing effort
  • link on the NAEO website
  • one article annually in Newslinks
  • opportunity to sponsor one webinar per year.

If there are members that fall into both categories, and those regular members want the associate benefits, they need to pay the difference.

Membership period: Anniversary (one year from joining)

Member rates for an event:

To receive member rates for an event(s), you must join first and then register for the event(s). These will be two separate transactions. Organizational membership-when joining as an organizational member you will need to complete you membership process and make payment. Once your membership is active you will then need to sign back in and go to sub-accounts in the profile to add your contacts.

If you have any questions, please call the office at: 800-809-6373.

Read more about Member Benefits here.

Please note:
You will receive at least one email per month from our domain –
Make sure this domain is on your safe sender/white list to receive our communication. Contact the office if you have any questions. Thank you.

Thank You, Preferred Vendors

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