PDC Advanced Technical Workshop
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Have you ever heard this: Why can’t your people remember to call out my consults at 8:00 AM every day? We’ve done it that way forever!

You can use an Advanced Expression in your programming to hold the consult in dispatch & present it back to the CSR at a certain time; this means you might never hear that phrase again! Advanced Expressions are an awesomely powerful tool that can correct a multitude of problems and make your team much more efficient.

Have you ever needed to:

  • Calculate the age of a patient to determine the next step in a script using the DOB you collected?
  • Set certain call types to hold for the next hour? Or the half hour?
  • Remove the pipes from your message tickets when you send it out in the daily summary?
  • Add totals for order taking?
  • Format data brought in from outside sources like a database or directory?
  • Determine if a due date is before a specified time of next business day?
  • Figure out what day of the week a specified date is, no matter the date?

Guess what, you can do all of this and so much more using an Advanced Expression!

Wait! You say you don’t know how to write an advance expression? Well what are you waiting for?! Join the NAEO Professional Development Committee for a one-day intensive workshop learning how to build advanced expressions from the ground up.

Sign up for the NAEO 2018 PDC Advanced Technical Workshop (available on the checkout page) when you register to become an Advanced Expression master! Learn from the best and set yourself apart from the rest!

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