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Be Inspired

by Gary Blair

"We all look at Nature too much, and live with her too little."

Oscar Wilde

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When Tintinnabulation Becomes Click

Kevin Procter

You're a smart programmer, with a smart phone, a smart TV, a smart thermostat and possibly even a smart car, and of course a smart computer. But you have a dumb old keyboard.

Programmers use the same key strokes repeatedly during their work. Wouldn't it be nice if you could have the keyboard do those key strokes for you? 

Enter the fully programmable keyboard – the device that turns your keyboard's tintinnabulation into a single “click”.

My keyboard has several keys programmed to type out certain things I use frequently. For example, when I'm wanting to save my IS script changes, the normal routine is to press the save button, then specify the amount of time (in my case it's virtually always the same so I have to edit that each time, and then finally do the save. However, with my smart fancy keyboard, all of that work is done for me!  It's spectacular!

Perhaps you're testing a script in telephone agent, and you've got a pile up of test messages in the account. Moving them to a dump account, requires a few keys to be hit in succession. One message is no problem but moving ten can become tedious at best. Not anymore!  Now I have one keystroke to move each message!

Programmers do a lot testing. This usually involves typing and retyping the same test data repeatedly. Now, I've got that covered:  I've programmed special keys to have specific test data in them, such as the word testing, a phony phone number, phony extensions, a my postal code even; or if I need a U.S. Zip code, I use my go to of 90210. Each of those entries are available at the press of a single key. This speeds up testing, allowing a programmer to use his or her time much more efficiently.

What else can you do with a smart, programmable keyboard? That's what I'd like to know! When you take the plunge and start using a smarter keyboard, please send me a note and let me know what you're doing with it. I'd love to enhance my own programming efficiency as much as possible with ideas from others.

By the way, my keyboard is a Logic Controls brand keyboard. But there are multiple brands from which you can choose. Check it out!  Smarten up your computer, with a new, programmable keyboard, and make your time much more efficiently used. Lastly, as a bonus, when people see your keyboard they'll either think you're really cool or very geeky: either one works for me!

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Check Out this Quarter's Issue of The Constellation

Newsletter for Answering Service Employees. Donated to the Industry by TeamSNUG.


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There's Still Time to Register – NAEO Summer Series Workshops

NAEO 2018 Summer Series

Starts July 23rd and runs to July 25th at 5PM

Suggested Travel Days: Sunday, July 22nd and Thursday, July 26th

Cambria Hotel & Suites Chicago Magnificent Mile
166 E Superior Street
Chicago, Illinois  60611


Your Supervisors are among the MOST important people in your company – they work directly with your staff and your customers. From July 23-25 2018, NAEO’s Professional Development Committee will be offering an exclusive three-day hands-on educational Supervisor Leadership Workshop at the Cambria Hotel & Suites Chicago Magnificent Mile. This workshop will cover things in customer care, handling complaints, strategies on how to handle employee issues and more!

Speakers include industry experts Julie Sparklin of Main Line TeleCommunications and Alana Nikiforuk of Intercon Messaging.

Register Now


Become an IS Programming Wizard! Join NAEO's PDC for a full 3-day, in-depth Intelligent Series workshop for beginner/ intermediate and intermediate/advanced level programmers. They are interactive workshops where attendees will learn hands-on how to program accounts with ease and efficiency using I.S. and Contact Based Dispatching. The I.S. Summer Series is an economical instructional seminar designed to educate from inception to completion! Attendees will also receive an exclusive Intelligent Series programming workbook and have ample opportunity ask industry experts all of your questions.

Speakers include industry experts Marie McGuire of AnswerTel, Kaylin Cowherd of Advanced Answering Center, Jaimie Guidry of Dexcomm and Rob Beattie.

Whether you are new to Intelligent Series or looking to cross-train co-workers and build a programming department, you’ll learn first-hand, invaluable knowledge to efficiently and consistently program or convert your clients into Intelligent Series. There are only a few seats left, so don’t delay any longer - register today

Register Now

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Nominate an Individual or Organization for the CAM-X Downald Swift Education Endowment

Introduced in September 2008, the Donald Swift Education Endowment (DSEE) is borne of the belief that given an opportunity that would normally not be available to them, motivated individuals will deliver amazing results.

The DSEE was designed to assist one dedicated person from a member organization, who may not normally attend, the opportunity to experience the value of a CAM-X Convention. The trust fund has been established to cover the expense of the attendee; including conference registration, accommodation and travel.

The award will be presented to the individual employee of a member company who is deemed to most exemplify the mission statement and values promoted by CAM-X. Each  member company will be eligible to submit one applicant, annually, along with an essay format recommendation, detailing the applicant’s qualifications for eligibility.

Register Now

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Save the Date: 2019 Annual Conference

Don't miss our Annual Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico taking place March 10-13, 2019! Check our website for more details coming soon.

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