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EVERYONE’S Input Needed

From the Desk of the NAEO Future Directions Committee

Exercise, Wearing a Mona Lisa Smile

How to Set up Your QuickBooks for Your PPP Loan

Take Your Break

Save the Date for Our 2021 NAEO Conference

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SASA 2020 Testimonials

There Are Great Benefits to Volunteering on an NAEO Committee

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Automate Callback Requests with the Genesis IS ACD Callback Behavior

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Amtelco Employee Spotlight: Nancy Lee

The Wisconsin State Journal Names Amtelco a Winner of the Madison Top Workplaces 2020 Award

Updates from Amtelco

Be Inspired

Submitted by Gary Blair

“Wellbeing is about the combination of our love for what we do each day, the quality of our relationships, the security of our finances, the vibrancy of our physical health, and the pride we take in what we have contributed to our communities. Most importantly, it’s about how these five elements interact.”

~ Tom Rath

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Snack Sized News

Communications Committee:

This month, your Communications Committee has been hard at work keeping you informed of the latest updates and developments through our many different platforms. Keeping the updates flowing from upcoming webinars, announcing the location of next year’s 2021 Conference and also providing an avenue through social media to share common struggles & solutions for challenges we have faced professionally through this pandemic. We want to keep you in the know. If you have any news you would like to see or share, please reach out to us at

Professional Development Committee

Whether you are new to the industry or have been in it for 20 years, everyone still has room to learn. Ever heard that one of the best ways to learn is to teach? It's absolutely true! Take advantage of the resources PDC has to offer. By being a member, you get to help with choosing webinar topics and suggesting what videos to create for the LMS Library. That's a pretty good way to get access to the information you would like to learn as well as offering assistance and resources for everyone to learn!

Conference Committee

We are officially back at it and the planning for NAEO2021 in sunny Atlanta, Georgia, is well underway. This month we are narrowing down our theme, so we can get to work on choosing a conference logo. We are discussing our session topics, and the style in which they will be delivered. Are they relevant in the current business climate? Will they help our members navigate through the new normal? A lot has changed in the world, but not our commitment to providing a quality, content-driven conference experience that is safe and beneficial to all. Save the Date: March 7-10, 2021 at The Omni At The Battery in Atlanta, Georgia.

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The NAEO Membership Committee is looking for individuals to join their incredible team. The Membership Committee’s mission is to retain current members and to recruit new members by promoting association benefits.

Time Commitment

Your time commitment can be as little as 1-2 hours a month! That would include the one hour per month we allot for a conference call, Membership listserv discussions and volunteering for the occasional special project.

Why Join?
  • Forge mutually beneficial professional relationships
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the resources afforded you and your company
  • Research products and programs to create more value to the membership
Why You?
  • If you have strong communications skills
  • If you are interested in networking and professional development
  • If you are looking to widen your professional circle
  • If you are passionate about being an NAEO member
  • If you are looking for a way to become more involved in the fantastic organization that is NAEO — WE WANT YOU!
How Can You Join?

Email with your interest in joining, and we’ll get you added to the committee listserv and see that you are properly welcomed!

You have an opportunity here to be involved in what is surely be one of NAEO's greatest member benefits. Stop hesitating — and join!


“I really never knew I was missing so much, personally and professionally, until I joined the membership committee. The more active I became, the more I learned as a whole and the better I and A1 Professional Answering Service are because of it.” ~ Tifani Leal

Member Benefit Spotlight:

Exclusive Member Benefits

NAEO Webinars

NAEO webinars are presented frequently and focus on hot topics throughout our industry. NAEO members can participate in a free online education session that lasts from 30 to 60 minutes, showcasing content covering Operational, Technical, and Managerial topics. Offering rich opportunities for interaction and a plethora of takeaway information and insight into how an industry peer grew their business, our webinars are certainly a first-class member benefit.

Past webinars are also available to members in the Education Center of the NAEO website.

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EVERYONE’S Input Needed

Five hundred heads are better than ten.

From time to time we send out surveys because we want the advantage of all that extra cerebral power. We have so many great people within the many great organizations that make up NAEO, the Board of Directors doesn’t want to miss out on even one. This has been a crazy year and we have all had to innovate; what better time to look at new things as an organization?

We will be sending out a Needs Assessment Survey in the near future to help guide the Board forward. My interests or the programs that are most important to my company are probably not the same as those that mean the most to you and your company. Please share! Help us make this organization even better. In the United States we are doing a census right now and somehow the Census Bureau knows the percentage of responses in each community and our community leaders are pushing for 100% participation. Likewise, our goal on this survey is 100% participation. No idea is a bad one; no input is unwanted. There is something that we can learn from it all.

We will send out the survey by email with reminders and links through our other communication methods like the ListServe, Ryver, Facebook, etc. because we want everyone engaged. If you’ll give us 10 minutes of your time in this way, we can bring you even more value.

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From the Desk of the NAEO Future Directions Committee

2020 Update

Submitted by Jason Miller, FDC Chair

This has been another productive year for the FDC. Over the past year, the FDC has hosted several webinars in partnership with Amtelco. We continue to work with Amtelco to get development updates and provide feedback on the progress of Genesis, Web Agent and IS upgrades on a monthly basis. Many FDC members are running IS 5.4 (the latest release) and have installed Genesis for testing purposes.

This year the FDC has hosted a call with the Beta sites with great success. This call took place in January and the information from this call was directed to the Amtelco development team. The information gained from this call was also discussed at the board meeting with Amtelco.

If you would like to participate in the FDC, please let us know. This is a great way to get a glimpse of what Amtelco is working on and provide feedback before applications are fully developed or released. This is reflected in the FDC’s mission.

"Through high-level collaboration, FDC ensures that the needs of its members and the efforts of our Vendor are aligned."

The FDC has been continually working this year to make additions to the FDC Open Source / Freeware Library, available on the NAEO website. This is a valuable tool for the NAEO community as these applications can save call centers money by increasing efficiency and helping provide a higher level of customer service to clients. Each of these applications has been reviewed by the FDC and the majority are currently in use in at least one of the members' call centers.

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Exercise, Wearing a Mona Lisa Smile

We’ve all heard (and odds are preach) the power of smiling while talking on the phone. Smiling is a simple, but powerful, action that your employees can take to improve their own mood and also improve the experience that your customer receives. When you smile, your tone actually becomes more positive and friendly. Researchers have also shown that even forced smiles or a simple half smile can boost your mood.

Below is a link to an exercise called “Wearing a Mona Lisa Smile”. It’s a simple exercise you can use with your staff to show them just how powerful even a (natural) half smile can be! You can check it out and download the PDF on the Workplace Strategies for Mental Health website or by clicking here.

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How to Set up Your QuickBooks for Your PPP Loan

Submitted by JoAnn Fussell

This will help you keep track of your loan to make sure you are spending 75% on your payroll.

Set up your QuickBooks to add a class called PPP Loan. Here's how:

Go to List and select Class List.

Right-click and add PPP Loan.

Mine looks like this:

PPP loan

Why do this?

When you have expenses that use the loan money, you are putting these expenses into a class. You can then run a report to show all the expenses you used the loan for and keep track to make sure at least 75% of the loan is used for your payroll.

When you do your journal entry for payroll or expenses where you use the loan, it would look like this.

PPP loan journal entry

Notice the last column; I inserted PPP loan for the class.

To run the report, go to Reports and select Profit or Loss.

On the top left-hand side, you will see Customize Report.

Go to filters, see below.

And select Class.

Under class column, select PPP Loan. See below.


Now check % of expense, see below, and run your report, see below.

Only the PPP loan information is showing. This will make it easier for you to keep up with the 75% for payroll rule.

profit and loss


I hope this helps everyone.

Stay Safe.


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Take Your Break


ENERGIZING: Energizing activities get you ready to tackle the rest of your day after a break. Use these break activities to improve focus and keep yourself productive.

Energy Shake

Stand up at your desk, sit on your chair or in a place you’re comfortable, and shake all over!


Shaking all over can have the effect of energizing your body, releasing painful tension in shoulders and arms, and providing a positive mental health break, too.


Calming activities can help release stress and help to refocus your attention so that you can really work on tasks at hand. Use these prompts as a starting point to have a more calming break.

Take time to tidy up


Take 10 minutes out of your day to tidy up your workspace, and file and organize your email.


Creating organized workspaces gives a sense of order and control that positively influences outlook and gives a sense of calm.


Incorporating relaxation into the day can drastically reduce stress levels. Not only does it improve physical and mental capacities, but it makes you feel good. Try these relaxing breaks with your coworkers or on your own.

Team stretch


Get your team members to contribute to a stretching "pot" by donating resistance bands, hand and ankle weights, and yoga mats. Find a place where you can stretch together in the office, a meeting room or possibly an outside green space.


Regular stretch breaks can help to reduce tension and energize you for the rest of the day.

Go to Workplace Strategies for Mental Health for more ideas, tools and resources to help with the prevention, intervention and management of workplace mental health issues.

TakeYourBreak activities should be approved by your employer/leader prior to initiating them. TakeYourBreak activities are provided for general information only and are not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. Always consult your physician or appropriate health care provider with respect to your particular circumstances.

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Save the Date for Our 2021 NAEO Conference

March 7-10, 2021 at the Omni Hotel in Battery Atlanta


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In Case You Missed It

From the NAEO Facebook Page

#NAEO2021 Location Reveal

#NAEO2021 Location Announcement courtesy of our very own Board President, Adrian Treviño:

Save The Date: March 7-10, 2021 at The Omni At The Battery in Atlanta, Georgia.

>> Watch the Location Reveal Video

Lessons from the List

Submitted by NAEO Communications Committee

One of the greatest benefits of a NAEO membership is access to our listserv & Ryver and the quick feedback we are able to receive on topics — tech and otherwise! Recently, one of our members was looking for a way to compile daily call volume data for accounts that are in specific distribution groups. Here is the thread, in case you missed it.

Celia Vincent Broussard (Southwest Call Center):

“We moved 40-50% of our call center agents home to work but we must staff two (2) agents on site per shift due to requirements of one customer who has specialized equipment in our facility. This means over the course of 24 hours we have 6 agents working on site daily. Once the Stay at Home order is lifted in Louisiana, we will continue this mode of operations. We are redesigning our call center space to accommodate the social distancing guidelines and I am wondering what your position regarding Face Mask for agents working on-site who are 6’ away? We are not requiring anyone to wear a face mask, should we? I feel this isn’t practical because of how our voices will sound when conversing with the caller. I’m just wondering if anyone else has thought about this?”

Jeremy Williams (Piedmont Athens Regional):

“We work inside of a Level 2 Trauma hospital in Georgia and do not require our agents to wear a mask inside the department as long as they follow the recommended social distancing.  Mask is required outside of the department.”

Celia Vincent Broussard (Southwest Call Center):

“This is very helpful. Thank you.”

Jeff Farber (A-B Communications):

“We don't wear face masks in the office, but our stations are at least six feet apart and less than 20% of our local staff are working from the office. They are only in the office because their internet at home is not good enough for call-taking.

I know this is a question (subject) that sounds like a challenge, and I apologize, but should you have a customer that requires specialized equipment? We got rid of those things a long time ago, and in my analysis, our profit went up even as our revenue went down. I wonder if you'd have the same finding if you could do a current analysis, especially under current conditions.

Items that I considered:

  • Increased staffing due to this account
  • Priority focus on this account leaving reassigns and disconnects of other accounts
  • Inability to take advantage of remote agents - lots of advantages of remote agents, especially to quickly replace a last minute callout
  • Inability to bill for all time, online and offline admin time for this account.

Perhaps food for thought.“

Kevin Ryan (TAS United):

“This is a timely topic. Most of us will be looking to move back into our centers in the coming weeks/months, what will that look like?  We're looking at face mask use whenever you are not at your workstation, thermal temperature devices to check incoming staff, a defined disinfecting procedure for workstations after each shift, wearing surgical type gloves, adding additional enclosure material at the agent stations.  

What are the rest of you looking at?”

Jeremy Williams (Piedmont Athens Regional):

“Please carefully consider the use of gloves. This is a very good way to actually increase cross contamination. CDC has actually been outspoken against the use of gloves for everyday activities. Gloves should be used for direct person-to-person contact.”

Jeff Martin (Vyanet):

“So, in re-designing new operator enclosures to aid in social distancing and personal protection, we’re thinking of bringing these back!”

woman sitting in 1970s enclosed chair

Gary Blair (i24 Call Management Solutions):

“I loved them then and now the times have given me one more reason to love them even more.

I saw a vintage one in a shop in Palm Springs on a visit a few years back and I still kick myself for not having bought it.  😊”

Gary Blair (i24 Call Management Solutions):

“Hi Jeff and Celia,

I concur on this one. We’ve had a client who required direct access to their system through not only a VPN but through their own equipment and were adamant for the last twelve years they would not “tolerate” any other set-up. We did charge them a premium to do so but it was never sufficient to cover the myriad challenges it presented us with regards to having semi-dedicated, trained agents at those particular work stations, replacement for breaks, lunches and absences were always an issue, not to mention overnight staff.

Long story short, when the pandemic came along and we told them we couldn’t guarantee service if we could not bring agents in house, they changed their tune in 60 seconds flat. We managed a work around almost overnight. Long story short, but it's lessened our burden so much now so that if and when the time comes to go back to dedicated PCs, our answer will be NOT A CHANCE.

Cheers and good luck Celia!”

Mike Shantz (Northern 911):

“Hi Kevin;

We have not thought that far down the road as things are still unclear as to when and how some people will return to the office.

That said, I am sure I will have more people working remotely than previously.

Front line call takers, admin, sales and others.

So I think I will rework my office and rather than have dedicated workstations for some people will have some shared office space that people can schedule and use.

Today we have it voluntary as to if they wish to work in the office or remote.

Some asked for remote, found it was not to liking and asked to come back.

One lady discovered that her cat whines a lot during the day and it was not a quiet call environment and she returned as well.

Others are very happy working from home and all is good.

We have always used wipes and disinfectants in the office and will continue to do so.

(A lot more use now and hard to keep in stock)

We have made it voluntary if people wish to wear a mask and if they wish to, they supply it.

If regulations change we will abide by new rules should they come out.

I looked into taking the staff’s temperature on them arriving for their shift.

I understand that there will be some percentage of staff who will display a temperature higher than normal and will need to be pulled aside for secondary screening.

There are a number of reasons for an elevated temperature that may have nothing to do with COVID.

If we make a policy that everyone with a higher temperature is sent home that may make it difficult to staff the office and who pays?

If we pull them aside for secondary screening, have a discussion and then let them in it is possible that their co-workers may be fearful and ask to go home, ostracise the individual, etc.

Based on all that, we decided not to implement temperature screening.

And I would like to hear others viewpoints on that.

Emergencies do not stop for COVID-19. Neither do we.

Keep Calm and Carry On”

Johane Robson (Flagler Health+):

“I agree. Gloves are a false sense of security. Have you seen people who work in the food service. They touch something on the counter and then want to touch food. Why not, they have gloves on right? Don’t touch my food until you trade gloves!”

Cait Keenan (Accurate Answer):

“Out of curiosity, how many of the call centers need to physically have staff working in the facility? Outside of those that need to keep the integrity of the business running (someone for the technical components, someone for the financial components, etc), have you found success in the employees working from home?

We require new staff to be in the office for up to (or over depending on the training plan and status of each new hire) 90 days. After that probationary period is complete, and they have the required technical necessities (that they are responsible for providing), we release them to work from home. We have secondary remote contracts with standards and guidelines that they need to uphold, as well as contingency plans for those that may have immediate issues (such as loss of internet, telephone, power etc.), that would require them to come to the office.

This has helped with employee retention, compliance to work schedules, as well as staff morale — as our staff are working from the comforts of their homes and have more flexibility with their schedules. The staff know that they are more than welcome to come work from the office — and we have safety measures in place to ensure that they will be able to comply safely with social distancing protocols (staggered work schedules, work stations that are individualized and already have containment measures for personal protection, ample sanitation measures, and masking).”

Celia Vincent Broussard (Southwest Call Center):

“The customer is a small customer and we have been partners with them for over 15 years – they had an answering service and when we purchased it, that was a condition of the sale. We have talked with them about moving the equipment and making it accessible to our remotes. It’s an on-going conversation with them. But for now, it's what we have to work with.

With respect to other PPE strategies:

  • We are opting not to take temperatures in the call center. It has been a rule in our call center for several years, that if you are running a fever then you are not to come to work. Our agents have been pretty good about following this rule and if they begin to run fever while at work, then we send them home.
  • We are shifting furniture around in our center to maintain 6’ distance and where possible adding more space.
  • We will be installing wall-mounted hand sanitizers near the time clock and in the kitchen. We’ve always had Hand Sanitizers at the stations.
  • We require, and have for several years, that stations be wiped down at the beginning and end of each shift.
  • We are looking to do a video to distribute to our employees on how to clean your computer – particularly the keyboard.
  • We are planning to leave our remote program in place; however once the Stay at Home order is lifted in Louisiana, we will mandate the rotation of working on-site for all employees who live in SWLA. This will end up being about 2 to 3 times a month that they work on-site.
  • We are discussing the use of face masks but right now no one is interested in wearing them in the call center. I have ordered Washable Face Masks for each employee and will distribute those next week.

We continue to listen to CDC for guidelines they publish and recommend.”

This is one of NAEO’s great strengths — the willingness of its members to share and help each other. James Sneed asked a question and quickly received what he was looking for! Remember: the next time you face a challenge, need some guidance or would like a recommendation, simply post your question to the Listserv and/or Ryver — problem solved!

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SASA 2020 Testimonials

From Julie Sparklin, Main Line TeleCommunications

Main Line TeleCommunications has participated in many “mystery caller” programs over the years and we particularly enjoy NAEO’s SASA program because of the way it recognizes and even rewards the performance of the individual agent(s) as well as the company. Our agents work hard making each caller feel heard and appreciated and we love that the SASA program provides the opportunity for them to be recognized beyond our office.

To kick off the SASA program our team sets a goal on where they want to place overall (top score, top 5 or top 10). It may seem like a no-brainer to set a goal of Top Score; however, we encourage the team to take into consideration things beyond their control such as lack of staff, offices closing due to weather, etc. Once the goal is set, they then come up with a theme so we can have some fun along the way. One of our team members will create a poster based on the theme so we can track our calls and how we think they scored. We find that this kind of update keeps the program fresh in their minds and encourages them to beat the previous call. Also, throughout the program we will put out messages or emails to the team with a Tip of Engagement just to remind them of the different ways to engage with the caller.

Once the program is over and the winners and top calls are announced, we have a celebration. The extent of the celebration depends on if the team met or exceeded the goal they set. If they meet or exceed it, we go all out with a catered lunch and swag bags full of goodies for all and cash prizes for the agents who received SASA calls and really knocked it out of the park. If they don’t meet the goal then we typically have a pizza lunch and get to work on honing the skills necessary to be worthy of the goal they set.

Although the SASA program does celebrate individuals, it truly is a team effort. Our team enjoys participating in this program and the company benefits because the agents treat each call as though it could be a SASA call.

From Deborah Anders, The Legacy Connection

The Legacy Connection has taken part in the CAMX and ATSI AOE programs for years, because we realize just how important measuring the excellence of our service is. When the SASA program started a few years ago, we were very excited to have a program that would also recognize the individual team member, as well as the team. To us, that is the biggest difference of the SASA program, and what sets it apart from the rest. Each year, before the program starts, we share the judging criteria with our entire team and have a kick-off party to get everyone on board. During that party, we share stories of previous scores and talk about the prizes that were given to get everyone pumped up and competitive — nothing better than a little friendly competition to bring out the best calls! Once the calls start, we make sure to grade them ourselves and share with the team how the CSR did (in our opinion of course) — which always results in a little friendly trash talk. By the time the program ends and the “real” scores are shared at our celebration party (yes, there must be a celebration party!), morale is always higher and everyone is ecstatic to be part of “Team Awesome” — whether they took a call or not. Not entering the program each year would be like telling our team we didn’t believe in them — and we would never do that!

From Theran Mossholder, Newtown Answering Service

We’ve been part of NAEO’s Superior Agent Service Award program since its inception. The program, which is essentially a secret shopper program for call centers, gives not only our company a third-party review — but more importantly gives our agents a third-party review of their own performance. It also creates enthusiasm and drive for agents, giving them the opportunity to stand out amongst their peers and co-workers throughout the industry.

Being part of the SASA and other programs gives us a yearlong review of our performance. It motivates agents in their call taking to ensure they are verifying names and phone numbers, having a great positive tone and asking the proper questions; ultimately giving the caller a great experience, which our customers demand.

The program has given us the chance to reward those on the front line of our business in a way that can’t always be done internally. What sets this program apart from others is the focus on the individual agent. Agents have the opportunity to receive individual awards such as a Top 10 Call where they receive a plaque — or even the Top Call where they receive not only a plaque but a choice of either an all-expense paid trip to conference or a $500 cash prize. These individual awards really convey the individual accomplishment and importance of their contribution to the company.

As a way to celebrate the successes of our agents each year, Newtown Answering Service holds an awards Luncheon. During the luncheon, we hand out awards to every employee just for being a part of the team that receives the company award. We also give awards to those individuals who went above and beyond on their own call scores. It is the company’s opportunity to recognize those on the front line of our business and celebrate both the company’s and individual’s achievements. There’s no doubt being part of the SASA program improves our quality of service, creates excitement and most importantly increases morale. We look forward to one day having one of our agents receive that elusive Top Call award.

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There Are Great Benefits to Volunteering on an NAEO Committee

Volunteers are the lifeblood of any association, but why should you or one of yours take up that challenge? It is extra work, but there are so many reasons why it is a worthwhile thing to do!

1. Make Business Connections or Friends in the Industry

One of the best ways to become professionally connected is through a trade or professional association. Volunteering is a quick and easy way to meet new people. Developing relationships with others in your industry is a great way to share ideas, share experiences of dealing with difficult clients and learn best practices.

2. Gain Valuable Professional Experience or Develop a New Skill

Volunteering is a good way to get a flavor for the industry and expanding the skills it requires. These skills can also be valuable if/when an employee is looking to move up/change positions within your company.

3. Find (Or Be) a Mentor

We all need someone to turn to sometimes. While we’re sure your partner, friends and mom dispense excellent advice, they are no match for a like-minded business person who’s been there. There’s perhaps no better place to find someone with years of experience and who’s seen it all than within an industry association.

Information on each committee can be found here. If you’d like to volunteer for a Committee or know someone who might be a good fit, please don’t be shy!

Need more reasons why you or someone in your organization should volunteer on an NAEO Committee? Stay tuned to future editions of NewsLinks for even more reasons!

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Association Station


Respectfully submitted by Linda Osip, Executive Director

We invite you to join us on our weekly CAM-X huddles

  • Relevant and current topics
  • Interactive breakout rooms
  • Information take-homes from breakout rooms

Please email for Zoom invitation

Our Education Committee presents:  

3 Part Webinar Series Remote Agents

Hiring, Training and Managing your Business
With Tom Reandeau of Focus Telecommunications

What was covered:

Part One: Hiring

  • Getting the word out
  • Applications and testing
  • Reference checks and trusting your gut

Part Two: Training

  • Establishing an online program
  • How to coach remotely
  • Not everyone's a good fit

Part Three: Managing Remotes

  • Communication is key; don't let too little become too late
  • Replacing the water cooler
  • Reporting: you can't correct what you can't see

***Please email for recordings of these sessions. All recordings are available through the CAM-X office.

Recordings Available: Recent Webinars

Mental Health Series, Coping Skills, The Employee Experience

Pre-Employment Testing Demo Available
Contact for instructions

Show your staff they are worthy: 
CSR and Supervisor Certification

Awards Tip of the Month

Results from a recent survey the Awards Committee conducted showed that there is a need for coaching and mentoring to help participants in the Award of Excellence program. We are creating a ‘Tip of the Month’. Make sure you are on our member list serv to stay up to date. Contact

COACH U Leadership Training in conjunction with Convention 2020

COACH U Topics Include:

  • Coaching / Delivering and receiving feedback
  • Expanding your network / building relationships in CAM-X
  • Public speaking tips
  • Gamification
  • LMS platforms
  • Employee assistance program
  • Convention Keynote: Sarah McVanel: The Flipside of Failure
  • Awards Luncheon
  • Round Table Networking – sharing time

Convention Highlights:

  • Special Guest & Keynote: Margaret Trudeau
  • Simplify your cloud contact centre using AI – with Fred Stacey
  • CAM Chat with Garrett Bidewell
  • Remote Agents – Employee Engagement with Tom Reandeau
  • Lessons Learned St. John’s Storm with Cindy Roma and Sydney Ryan
  • Clarity with Coaching with Jamey Hopper
  • Gordon Mott, topic TBA
  • Employee Engagement Survey with Jen Gaumond
  • Operator Compensation Panel with Brad French, Scott Lyons and Sue Tucker ​


Our association is dedicated to the education and promotion of industry best practices.​​ We are primarily made up of members from telephone answering services in the Atlantic and New England States but we welcome anyone to join our association.


2020 Sales Symposium
August 5-6, 2020
Ameristar Casino Resort ~ St Charles | St Louis, MO

2020 ASTAA Conference
October 11-13, 2020
DoubleTree by Hilton | Lancaster, PA 

Visit for more info.

​Through Business Calls, ASTAA is offering a client newsletter for your business. It's a perfect way to 'touch' your clients monthly. For more information please visit our website.

Atlantic States Telephone Answering Association - ASTAA | PO BOX 356 Alton, IL 62002
Executive Director - Maryellen Pruitt | 618-696-8174 |



Striving to provide quality education materials & networking opportunities to our members within the Great Lakes Region.

2020 GLTSA Conference

September 20-22, 2020
Crowne Plaza ~ Downtown
Columbus, OH

Visit for more information

Great Lakes Teleservices Association - GLTSA | PO BOX 356 Alton, IL 62002
Executive Director - Maryellen Pruitt | 618-696-8174 |

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Webinars and the Webinar Archive

NAEO webinars are presented frequently and focus on hot topics throughout our industry. Showcasing a balanced approach towards Operational, Technical, and Managerial content, each presentation is made by a member of NAEO or guest speaker, lasting about one hour. Offering rich opportunities for interaction and a plethora of takeaway information, our webinars are certainly a first-class member benefit. With a schedule as dynamic as our membership, it is always best to check our calendar for accurate and timely updates!

Past webinars are also available to members in the Resource Center of the NAEO website.


View Upcoming & Archived Webinars

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Amtelco Annex

All rights reserved © March 2020 Contact: 

Automate Callback Requests with the Genesis IS ACD Callback Behavior

Authors Jessica Mohns-Scanlan & David Drenk

Answer Perfectly with Genesis IS Perfect Answer

Author Jessica Mohns-Scanlan

Amtelco Employee Spotlight:

Nancy Lee — TAS Division Marketing Specialist

Nancy Lee

After 18 years of developing marketing materials for both Amtelco and Telescan, TAS Division Marketing Specialist Nancy Lee will be retiring in early 2020. Nancy was a graphic designer when she answered a newspaper ad for a temporary advertising designer position with Amtelco. Her work impressed the marketing department staff and she was offered a full-time job.

Nancy began painting in the fourth grade and as time progressed, so did her skills. By the time she was in her 20s, Nancy was painting portraits and has been doing so ever since. She was commissioned to paint the official portraits of Amtelco founders William J. Curtin II and Eleanor Curtin. The portraits hang in the reception area of Amtelco's main office.

Nancy studied art at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and later updated her skills in digital graphics coursework at Madison Area Technical College. She worked as a professional sign painter after attending the UW-Madison. Throughout her time with Amtelco, Nancy has created numerous logos and icons (see below) and received an Amtelco award in 2005 as the Administrative Person of the Year. Upon retirement, Nancy's role will be filled by new hire April Forer.

Retirement will be a busy time for Nancy, who plans to continue painting commissioned portraits of people, pets, and marine-themed subjects. Nancy says, "Portrait painting is emotionally satisfying. It connects people to those they love." She has established a website at where interested people can view her work and contact Nancy if they are interested in a commissioned painting. 

pet portraits created by Nancy

In addition to painting, Nancy intends to make use of her American Sailing Association (ASA) certification to sail on the local waters around Wisconsin, as well as other locations worldwide. On land, she's planning roads trips to warm climates with her greyhound Izzy.

logos and icons created by Nancy

Three Random Things to Know about Nancy 

  1. If you could eat anything in the world right now, what would it be? Alaskan salmon

  2. What is one of the things on your bucket list? Sailing in Hawaii

  3. What is one of your favorite quotes? "Anger and hatred are signs of weakness, while compassion is a sure sign of strength." ~ Dalai Lama

The Wisconsin State Journal Names Amtelco a Winner of the Madison Top Workplaces 2020 Award

Amtelco has been awarded a Top Workplaces 2020 honor and a special award for work/life flexibility by the Wisconsin State Journal. These awards are based solely on employee feedback gathered through a third-party survey administered by employee engagement technology partner Energage, LLC.

The anonymous survey uniquely measures 15 drivers of engaged cultures that are critical to the success of any organization, such as alignment, execution, and connection, just to name a few.

"For more than a decade, the Top Workplaces award has helped organizations stand out among their competitors to attract talent," said Eric Rubino, CEO of Energage. "This differentiation is more important than ever in today's tight labor market. Establishing a continuous conversation with employees so you have a deep understanding of your unique culture is proven to help achieve higher referral rates, lower employee turnover, and double the employee engagement levels. No longer is recognition simply a much-deserved cause for celebration, but it's fast becoming mission-critical to establish a competitive advantage for recruitment and retention."

>> Read the Wisconsin State Journal Article

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