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August 2010

Feature Articles

August President Report
by Joe Adam

Upcoming Workshops & Webinars
by Gerald R. Brosseau, II

Too Many Numbers
by Carey Boyles

IS Tip

Betty Bouchie

From the Editor
by Betty Bouchie

There are some interesting side effects to the new twists made available with our technology. Snail mail becomes email, becomes text (or txt or sms). However, not all technology or all users have progressed at the same pace. My Blackberry allows me to add "Smiley faces” to text messages. I see the "Smiley face” and until recently, thought everyone else did as well. Apparently, that is not so. My sisters and nieces see the symbols. My nieces know exactly what I mean. My younger sister understands the common ones, but my older sister is still trying to understand what "lol” means.

As users and service providers, we need to make sure that our messages are always clear. Sometimes, that means looking at things in a more granular level. The short-hand and symbols that flow very easily for us may just create confusion for others. We may also inadvertently create symbols in messages without meaning to.

Gary Santillanes provided a great reference list of Emoticons. Please see below.

Check your message form— it may have an unknown emoticon. If you put a space after the : it will solve the problem. Below are some standard emoticons

:-) smiling; agreeing
:-D laughing
|-) hee hee
|-D ho ho
:-> hey hey
:'-) crying with joy
\~/ full glass; my glass is full

;-) winking; just kidding
'-) winking; just kidding
;-> devilish wink
:*) clowning
:-T keeping a straight face

:^D "Great! I like it!"
8-] "Wow, maaan"
:-o "Wow!"
^5 high five
^ thumbs up
:] Gleep, a friendly midget who wants
to befriend you
(::()::) bandaid; offering help or support

:-( frowning; boo hoo
:( sad
:-< really sad
:-c really unhappy
:-C really bummed
&-| tearful
:' crying
:'-( crying and really sad
:-| grim
:[ really down
:-[ pouting
\_/ "my glass is empty"

:-< angry
:-|| angry
:-@ screaming
:-V shouting
:-r sticking tongue out
>:-< absolutely livid!!
:-, smirk
:-P nyahhhh!
:-> bitingly sarcastic

:-& tonguetied
:-S incoherent
:-\ undecided
:- I "hmmm..."
:-, "hmmm "
:-# "My lips are sealed"
:-X "My lips are sealed"
:-Y a quiet aside
:-" pursing lips
:-W speaking with forked tongue
:( ) can't stop talking

:~/ mixed up
%-) braindead
(:I egghead
<:-I dunce
=:-) hosehead
:-] smiling blockhead
:-[ un-smiling blockhead
|-O yawning
|-I asleep
:-6 exhausted; wipeout

:> What?
:@ What?
:Q What?
:-o "uhh oh!" OR surprise
;-) sardonic incredulity
:O shocked
8-| eyes wide with surprise
:-/ skeptical
8-O "Omigod!!"
:-C just totally unbelieving
|-{ "Good Grief!" (Charlie Brown)

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Be Inspired

"Watch what you say! Say what you mean, and mean what you say."

- Marion Weinstein

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Something to Smile About...
"Bad Day"

This is what makes life worth living every minute, every day.

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August President Report
By: Joe Adam

You will be glad to know that your Board of Directors has been very busy since the conference! We have a multitude of projects under way to enhance the value of your membership and we are working very hard to make next year’s conference the best yet!

In case you missed the announcement, Billy Peppard has been appointed co-chair of the Membership Committee. The Membership Committee is vital to our long term success and continued growth as an organization and I can think of no one more fitting for that role than Billy. He has been our Ambassador for several years now and has spent countless hours working behind the scenes on NAEO’s behalf.

Our conference committee is working very diligently to deliver an outstanding agenda in New Orleans next year! The property is spectacular and there is something for everyone in New Orleans. In the upcoming months we will be sending out recommendations of things to see and places to eat (some of the Board's favorite places) while you are in New Orleans.

The Education Committee has a full lineup of webinars and I recommend that you take advantage of this excellent member benefit. One new feature this year is that we are recording all webinars and making them available through the NAEO web site so if you miss out on one, you can always watch it later. Of course, it’s much better to be there when it happens so any questions you may have can get answered.

We have started the Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity webinar series. We will have one more orientation webinar in the first part of September and then we will start going thru the entire planning guide from start to finish. This is a very difficult topic to present via webinar and our goal is to assist anyone who is interested to help them work through the entire process. The planning guide and the workbook are available for download on the NAEO web site. Once you log in, look under the "For our Members” section under "Downloads”. The plan is to continue the webinar series as long as there is interest from our members.

We are in the process of revamping our web site to offer more features and to improve its overall appearance. Stay tuned for more details…

Remember, NAEO is nothing without our members. If you wish to work on a committee or become involved in a project, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Just send us an email at, let us know what you are interested in and we will put you to work.


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Upcoming Workshops & Webinars!
By: Gerald R. Brosseau, II, Education Committee Chair

The NAEO Education Committee has been finalizing details on a concurrent fall workshop designed specifically for Introductory Intelligent Series Programmers and Call Center Supervisors on October 27 and 28 in Chicago, Illinois.

"IS Scripting for Beginners” will be a slow, easy approach to learning IS, covering the most basic concepts through intermediate levels of programming. Topics that will be covered include learning how to create info pages, creating shared fields, implementing shared fields into info pages and scripts, exploring the different fields and field properties, and much more! If you are new to IS and are planning on attending the annual conference in March, don’t miss out on this opportunity!

"Using Infinity to Manage Your Staff & Customers" will be an informative and interactive workshop designed specifically for the Supervisor! Supervisors will learn to use Infinity to manage clients, staff, and the call center as a whole. We will discuss customer and staff relations, including those "not so perfect" situations we all face on a daily basis. This will be the workshop no Supervisor (or future supervisor) should miss!

Attendance will be limited, so please register now!

Over the last month, the NAEO Education Committee has conducted webinars on the following topics:

  • Billing Link 4Mike Burkinshaw reviews BL4 in depth and answers questions on programming and billing scenarios.
  • Disaster Recovery PlanningJoe Adam discusses "Why do you need a disaster recovery plan?” as the first webinar of the Business Continuity series.
  • Supervisor Training Series Members of the NAEO Education Committee have developed a series of webinars designed to teach call center supervisors what they need to know to manage their staff.
    • Best Practices on New Agent Education
    • Infinity Telephone Agent Settings, Voice Logger, and Operator Settings
    • How to Manage Staff Efficiencies
    • System Settings, Client Settings, and Ultracomm Supervisor Setup
    • Reports to use to Get the Most from Your Staff

If you haven’t had the opportunity to attend any of these webinars or missed one in the Supervisor Training Series, you’ll now find them RECORDED online in the members section of the NAEO website!

Please continue to check the events section of the NAEO website for upcoming webinars over the next few months that NAEO members have requested. Here is a preview!

  • Dealing with Difficult Employees
  • How to Start Your Disaster Recovery Plan
  • How to Manage Customer Relations
  • eResponse / eReply
  • Print Capture

Register for a webinar now!

We certainly welcome your ideas for future webinars and feedback!

To become a member of the Education Committee or offer suggestions for future educational sessions, please e-mail:

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Too Many Numbers
Carey Boyles, Tele-One Communications, Inc.

If you are using one number call forwarding in your service, you will eventually have a client that is forwarding more than five numbers.

This leaves you with two options. Either assign the client a dedicated number to forward to, or assign them a sub-account that sends all calls to the main account.

You can have several sub-accounts, all sending the calls to the main account.

This is how to do it.

After programming the main account with the first five forwarded numbers, just open a sub-account and program the remaining numbers.

This is the important part. Go into Source Setup on the sub-account. On the Day Behavior tab, program the Standard Behavior to "Chg Client." That will open the Client# field. Enter the Main Account # in this field.

Select the Night Behavior tab, and program the Standard Behavior to "Chg Client." That will open the Client# field. Enter the Main Account # in this field.

This will allow you to have up to ten forwarding numbers on one account. If you need more, just add more sub-accounts.


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IS Tip
Compliments of the IS Seminar at the NAEO Annual Conference

Fast tracking a Message Summary: A nicely formatted Summary is just a few clicks away.

After creating a script, select "Summary” from the "Messaging Pallet”

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Ten-Point Customer Service Self-Assessment Quiz
by Nancy Friedman, the Telephone Doctor

Invest three minutes in the health of your organization by completing this Ten-Point Organizational Self-Assessment Quiz. To gain greater insights, you're welcome to distribute this assessment to others in your organization.

When completing this evaluation, think about your experience, your co-workers' experience and most importantly, how you'd imagine your customers might answer each question. Select a number from 1 to 5.

  1. Our entire staff has been comprehensively trained on the techniques needed to handle, defuse and retain angry customers:

    DISAGREE 1 2 3 4 5 AGREE

  2. When handling calls from our customers, all our team members employ a uniform, effective greeting:

    DISAGREE 1 2 3 4 5 AGREE

  3. When an employee has a performance shortfall, our managers are trained to implement a proven coaching process:

    DISAGREE 1 2 3 4 5 AGREE

  4. Customer contact employees at our organization know how to present negative information in a positive way:

    DISAGREE 1 2 3 4 5 AGREE

  5. Our team is skilled at knowing how and when to use a variety of questioning techniques in their customer interactions:

    DISAGREE 1 2 3 4 5 AGREE

  6. New employees are well educated on issues such as dress code, limits on personal calls and steering clear of office politics:

    DISAGREE 1 2 3 4 5 AGREE

  7. Our customer contact employees do a great job of rapport building and making our customers feel like friends:

    DISAGREE 1 2 3 4 5 AGREE

  8. When a team member is having a "bad day," that negative emotion is NEVER obvious to a customer:

    DISAGREE 1 2 3 4 5 AGREE

  9. At our organization, co-workers are always treated as well as we try to treat our outside customers:

    DISAGREE 1 2 3 4 5 AGREE

  10. Customers are usually astounded by the high level of care they receive from our team:

    DISAGREE 1 2 3 4 5 AGREE

    Total Score: ________

45-50: If this is an accurate assessment, we'd like to congratulate you. If your customers rate you this high, you're obviously doing many things very well. We'd like to speak with you about establishing a long-term plan to ensure this level of excellence continues.

27-44: Most organizations rate themselves in this range, about average, but still not excellent. How would your customers likely answer the same evaluation? We invite you to learn more about our solutions so we can help you close the gap between where you are now and where you should be.

26 or below: Congratulations on recognizing a shortfall. You've taken the first step on the road to improvement. The next critical step is begin steps to fixing it. We look forward to working with you on improving the level of service at your organization.

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