December 2011

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From the Editor
by Betty Bouchie

Be Inspired
by Gary Blair

Something to Smile About...

President's Report
by Kelli Harrigan

IS Tip: IS Supervisor and Punctuated Equilibrium
by Kevin Procter

Stepping Up Your Game: Beating Holiday Stress
by Marty Imes

Technically Speaking
by James Shigley

Warning! Contagious Condition and it's Not the Flu!
by Nancy Friedman

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Raise the Stakes with NAEO in Las Vegas – the Possibilities Are Endless!
by Trisha Stenberg

NAEO Financial Update
by Robin Bailey

Nominations Still Open for the NAEO Board of Directors - Deadline: December 7

Upcoming NAEO Webinars

Amtelco’s Billing Link 4 Software
by Michael Leibowitz

Amtelco Annex

Pause Playback and Resume Playback Added to Infinity Telephone Agent and Voice Mail Check-in
by David Drenk

Option to Prevent Agents from Canceling out of IS Contact Dispatching Window
by David Drenk

Infinity 101
by Susan Kirkpatrick

Now, you have had a chance to get used to the new Amtelco section. Are there any technical documents or trainer-related questions that YOU would like to see in this section? If so, please send your suggestions to

From the Editor

by Betty Bouchie


Imagine how much would get done in the world if every time someone said they were going to do something, they did it!!! What a concept!!! We would probably all be healthier, have more money, our businesses would be thriving and we would own that cottage/boat/plane/southern retreat we always promised ourselves.

A couple of students who attend a large university in my city have started a drive to end procrastination. They encourage you to take the "Procrastination Pledge” and to help you remember your pledge, they have one of those popular wrist bands. I think I might have to check it out… tomorrow. If you would like to check it out, please follow the link below.

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Be Inspired

Submitted by Gary Blair

"Warning: Dates in Calendar are closer than they appear."
~ Author Unknown

"A year from now you may wish that you had started today."
~ Karen Lamb

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Something to Smile About...


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President's Report

by Kelli Harrigan, NAEO President

I hope this finds you, your families and staff enjoying the start of a wonderful holiday season. Thanksgiving always brings to mind the many reasons I have to be grateful and my NAEO family is right there among the top of the list!

Earlier in November, your NAEO Board of Directors had our fall meeting to review our committee work, progress on our strategic plan initiatives and plans for our upcoming conference in Las Vegas (Feb 19-22!) We had a very productive meeting and here are highlights:

  • Financials – NAEO has done well this year, managing expenses and improving the bottom line overall. (See Robin Bailey’s article in this issue for more details.)

  • Technical Committee – Matt Crocker has been working with the vendor of our website platform to further develop integrations that would allow us to have single sign-on access for our members to allow them access not only to our existing members-only information, but added capabilities such as an NAEO Wiki, training programs, streamlining the listserv administration, etc. Our vendor has plans to implement changes in 2012 that will assist us to that end.

  • Business Continuity – As we continue to work on further building out this program, Joe Adam and Kurt VanderScheer have continued the Webinar series on the workbooks developed for NAEO members. The Board discussed further opportunities to expand this benefit, both in terms of additional educational opportunities as well as providing real-world Amtelco equipment-specific case studies, to help members tackle the Business Continuity plan piece by piece.

  • Education Committee – Education is always one of the "hot topics” in our board meetings as so much of what we do revolves around the educational opportunities we strive to provide for our members. We discussed the IS and Supervisor seminars held this past fall in Philadelphia and what options we should consider going forward for 2012. The feedback on these seminars is always very positive, but the attendance has not been what we had hoped for although we did break even financially. NAEO Webinars have been well-attended and the feedback is very positive, so the Education committee is already working on the schedule for 2012 .

  • Conference Committee – Trisha reviewed the schedules and speakers with the Board, finalizing the overall agenda and preparing the registration mailing/email to be sent to our mailing list. (You can sign up online now at!) And believe it or not, now is the time we already start to work on the planning for 2013!

  • Membership Committee – Membership is up slightly from last year and we expect a few more before the end of the year as well! The Membership committee has compiled an excellent case study to demonstrate the ROI of being an NAEO member and we discussed how to best use this information as well as other aspects of retaining members who are considering not renewing their membership.

  • Strategic Planning – We reviewed our strategic plan, the individual goals set previously and the progress we are making in those areas. Some of the hot topics included improving our revenue stream (what opportunities exist to build on the revenue for the association), developing a more coordinated effort to cultivate volunteers within our association, how to reach out to non-members to bring them into the NAEO fold, and finding or developing additional benefits for our members.

As you can see, it was a busy, and very productive, meeting! If you would like to be a part of the board or you have someone in mind who you would like to see on the NAEO board, don’t forget that now is the time to submit your nominations! The deadline for nominations is December 7 so that we can prepare the ballot and present it to the members in advance of the conference.

I wish you all a healthy, safe and joyful holiday season!

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IS Tip: IS Supervisor and Punctuated Equilibrium

by Kevin Procter, Extend Communications Inc.

It is believed the wheel was invented around 8,000 BC. This was a huge leap in human evolution, as prior to this invention driving a motor car was difficult.

Similar to the wheel, the computer has been around for a very long time. The abacus, for example, could be called a computing device – though I don't know that it took messages very well.

The computer, like the wheel, is indispensible throughout virtually all sectors of society and business: From cash registers to calculators to home computers, and of course, to modern business machines.

Rising to our current crescendo of technology in the call-centre industry, we have Amtelco ingenuity bringing us tools to eliminate the need for taking messages on paper. One of those tools (that I depend on every day) is "IS Supervisor" and its powerful scripting capabilities effectively replacing graphite and pulp as a message-taking tool set.

I experienced a limitation to IS Supervisor, however . . . it was only allowing editing of one script at a time. That limitation was making this programmer's professional life somewhat tedious when parts of one script were needed in another. A programmer is used to copying pre-written code and using it in many different places. The more you write, the more efficient you become. Alas . . . many screen shots and pulled hairs later, I was re-writing existing script-bits in another account.

Suddenly, amidst a metaphorical bout of "Punctuated Equilibrium," evolution took a jump and my IS Supervisor grew a second head! This second head could talk to the first head. Do you know what this means? This means that parts of a script can suddenly be copied from one session of IS Supervisor to another. Hair-pulling begone!

This is a great feature that landed on the NAEO list a little while ago. I'm lucky to work with a fantastic team, and my guru, who saw this discussion on the list, was happy to set me up with a second head – just as I was about to start taking screen shots and once again begin to court futile sighs. Two hours of tedium suddenly compressed into thirty minutes of fun!

In a sense, just as the wheel was a giant leap for mankind, so this second head in IS Supervisor was a pretty big jump in efficiency for this little programmer.

Today, it's commonplace around here to have two sessions of IS Supervisor open, and easily copy existing code between accounts. If you're an IS programmer and you haven't tried this yet, you should. Not only will you appreciate "IS evolution", I just know you'll agree that two heads are better than one!

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Stepping Up Your Game: Beating Holiday Stress

by Marty Imes, Advantage Answering Plus

With Thanksgiving under our belts and the New Year fast approaching, holiday stress is just around the corner, if is not already staring you in the face. If this time of year tends to find you worn out and full of stress, listen up; here are a few tips on how to beat Holiday stress!

Before we tackle Holiday stress, it is important to understand what stress is and what causes it. The following is a simple formula I use to recognize stress and its causes: Stress = Pressure > Resources. In other words, stress occurs when pressure is greater than the resources available to deal with the stressor. The four main sources of stress are typically derived from the following: environmental pressures, social pressures, physiological pressures, and one’s own thoughts.

During the holidays, additional sources of stress tend to boil to the surface and can be caused by relationships, finances, physical demands, and time demands – not to mention feelings of grief, sadness, or loss. Although many of these stress factors can seem overwhelming, there are a number of simple ways you can reduce your stress level and improve your overall well-being. Please note: you don’t have to partake in all of the following activities in order to reduce your stress level. Even if you choose to utilize three or four of these techniques, you will experience a positive difference.

Tips for Beating Holiday Stress:

  • Maintain a sense of humor. Look for humor in all situations.
  • Smile. The act of smiling in and of itself can influence one’s attitude and the attitude of others around you. A genuine smile and positive attitude are truly infectious (in a good way).
  • Breathe deeply. Five minutes of focused deep breathing will help you relax more than you could ever imagine.
  • Eat well. Try to avoid caffeine, alcohol and sugar as they can trigger and compound symptoms of stress.
  • Make sleep a priority. Check out the website,, to identify your optimal sleep cycles. Remember, there’s no substitution for a good night’s sleep.
  • Make time for fun. Do things you love and do them on a regular (weekly, if not daily) basis.

Tips for More Joy and Less Stress:

  • Plan ahead. The major holidays usually fall on the same day each year, so mark your calendars and plan accordingly.
  • Establish priorities. Despite our request for more time, there are only so many hours in the day. Do your best to be realistic about what you can accomplish on a daily basis and take care of your top priorities first.
  • Be assertive and learn to say "no.” Although it may seem difficult to say "no” to a friend or family member, you can still say "yes” to the person and "no” to the request. For example: "Sorry Bob, I won’t be able to attend the gingerbread house building party on Friday, but how about we grab a bite later next week.”
  • Create new traditions. Starting a new tradition can be exciting and will give you something to look forward to.
  • Let go of the need to be prefect. Be realistic; even Martha Stewart can’t do what she does without a team of full time designers.
  • Maintain an attitude of gratitude. Like my grandfather says, "It’s hard to be hateful when you’re grateful!”
  • Set differences aside. Before getting wrapped up in the latest bit of holiday drama, ask yourself, "Is this any of my business?” You might be surprised by your own answer.
  • Simplify gift giving and stick to a budget. Despite what retailers and marketers might say, the holidays are about celebrating relationships rather than "who got what.”
  • Give yourself a break. Take time for yourself and make it a point to enjoy about 15-30 minutes doing something you enjoy every day.
  • Appreciate simple pleasures. Make a list of all the simple things that bring you joy and indulge yourself throughout the week.

Cheers to all and may you and yours enjoy a wonderful Holiday Season!

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Technically Speaking (All About Me)

by James Shigley

A little over a month ago I was asked to start writing a monthly article. My first article was the VoIP for dummies article. Which in my opinion was not my best article, but I digress. This month I thought I should introduce myself and explain my intent for future articles.

September of 2005 my then fiancé – now wife – and I had just moved to Beaumont and I was looking for a job. I came across the advertisement for Monroe Telephone. The job description basically said, to me, that you'll be working on anything and everything technical, PCs, Generators, PBX, Wiring, etc. It perked my interest so I called, more to just get a better understanding of what the job would entail, than actually applying for it. Well, five years later, I'm still here.

I've helped take Monroe's from Infinity 5.1 up thru 5.51. Upgrading to 5.6 is on the agenda. Helped take them from completely unscripted to heavy utilization of Ecreator scripting; and now working on the transition to fully IS; and then IS Dispatching; along with a variety of other things, such as the utilization of Asterisks, SQL, and Remote operators to name a small few.

Well, I think that about sums up what I do.

I would like to end with this: If you have any topic you would like to explore in an article, please email me. If I don't already have a topic for that month, then you may have given me one. And if I do, well, there is a list I will keep for future months.

Funny for the month: Dialup humor

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Raise the Stakes with NAEO in Las Vegas – the Possibilities Are Endless!

by Trisha Stenberg, Conference Chair

Are you ready to Raise the Stakes? Join NAEO in Las Vegas, NV, February 19-22, 2011, for our annual conference. This is your chance to be inspired to reach for endless possibilities by our fantastic lineup of speakers, including world-renowned keynote speaker David Fabricius and a variety of sessions designed to spark creative ideas in all levels of your organization. Make your plans now to register and get those airplane tickets, because this is a conference you can not afford to miss.

Our agenda kicks off with a pre-conference IS Workshop – a hands-on opportunity to delve into some more advanced aspects of IS. Bring some of the challenges you have experienced and you will walk away with some new ideas on how to make your scripts more powerful and efficient. We also will have a pre-conference Supervisor Workshop, geared towards using the tools that your Amtelco equipment provides to help manage your operations efficiently and effectively. Amtelco will hold its Amtelco University as well, giving you the opportunity to learn more about some of the techniques and features you can use to add more efficiency to your operation and dollars to your bottom line! And that’s all before the conference even officially starts!

On Monday afternoon, David Fabricius will lead off the conference, followed by a variety of sessions geared towards making the most of your Amtelco equipment, including sessions for your Sales and Marketing staff, Technical staff and Operations staff. Hospital attendees will enjoy the 1Call presentations on Wednesday afternoon as well as breakouts during the conference designed to help you with the unique challenges your operations face. And all of this comes with non-stop networking opportunities with some of the greatest minds in our industry – a virtual guarantee that you will walk away with at least one AHA! moment!

Go to for the most up-to-date information on the conference schedule and sign up today to lock in the early bird rates! Our venue this year, The Cosmopolitan, is a sparkling new, unique property in Las Vegas designed to provide intimate networking settings, world-renowned dining experiences and residential-style suites. Don’t forget to book your hotel room at The Cosmopolitan and be sure to let them know that you are in the NAEO group!

See you in Las Vegas!

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Financial Update:

Income and Expenses: January 1, 2011 through September 30, 2011

by Robin Bailey

Conference income was up $3,137 over last year. Registration income was up $18,617 offset by commission income being down, $15,680, from 2010. Commission income was higher in California due to a concession from the hotel because we agreed to change the date. Total income for the 2011 Conference was $134,658.

Expenses for the conference totaled $122,346 compared to $126,342 last year. Equipment rental was down $6,964 from the 2010 conference. Additional savings from the audio visual equipment were experienced in the IS and Supervisor Training with expenses down $6,883 and $3,306, respectively. These savings were offset in part by meal costs which exceeded last year by $14,087. The hotel in Newport Beach had given us a concession of $10,000 for the opening reception which accounts for a majority of the variance.

Net income for the 2011 Conference was $12,312 compared to $5,179 for 2010.

Total income for Non-Conference of $122,516 was only down from last year by $143. Donations to the Operator Relief Fund and dues income were down from last year, $4,540 and $4,166 respectively. Donations to the Operator Relief Fund are going directly to the NAEO Foundation. This decrease was offset by registration and sponsor income of $8,871. The IS Training was held in October last year so the actual variance will be reflected in October.

Total expenses for Non-Conference, $118,993, were favorable to last year by $38,846. The cost of the Business Continuity Plan ($28, 900) and the legal expenses for establishing the NAEO Foundation ($2,797) accounts for the bulk of the variance. Management fees increased 3% per the contract. Credit card processing fees increased $730 as more members are paying dues and registration fees by credit card. Board expenses are down from 2010 with one less meeting this year. We also had the cost of the Cancun packages, ($5,535), that we auctioned off last year.

Total net income for the organization, through September 30th, was $15,835 compared to last year’s net loss of $30,000.

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Nominations Still Open for the NAEO Board of Directors — Deadline: December 7

Inspired to contribute your efforts, creative ideas and passion to the smooth running and further development of our association? If so, we strongly encourage you to let your name stand for election to the NAEO Board of Directors!
NAEO has begun to look for candidates to run for the NAEO Board for terms beginning in February 2012. There are three openings for next year and the election will be held at the business meeting at the Annual NAEO Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Cosmopolitan Hotel.

Being a Board Member is an interesting and rewarding job. Besides meeting two or three times a year, you will share ideas and work with some of the best people in the industry. Directors gain special perspective on our industry and, of course, on the functioning of the very successful trade association that NAEO has become. It is also a three-year commitment to work to make a difference in our association and in the well-being of our members.

Candidates seeking election should be individuals who are action-oriented, enthusiastic, honest and hardworking. Both owners and key managers from hospitals and private TAS/Call Center businesses are eligible to run. Required is some in-depth experience in an organization that utilizes Amtelco call processing equipment and some time and enthusiasm to take on organizational and industry issues.

Board members typically form the pool for Committee Chairpersons. While we meet in person two or three times a year, between conferences we also conduct a great deal of business by e-mail, telephone and conference calls. There is no monetary compensation for Board membership; however, in recognition of the efforts of the Board and the work that they do at the annual conference, Board members receive a 50% discount on conference fees. Additionally, all expenses that are incurred for travel to and from non-conference board meetings are paid by NAEO. Most of all, you will also get the personal satisfaction that comes from being a part of the action for this wonderful association!

So, when the Nominating committee calls on you, please consider running for the Board. We need people who love the industry and want to learn as much as possible and who are willing, ready and able to share their time and talents for the benefit of our industry. If you are not called, and you would like to be on the ballot, please contact one of us on the Nominating committee. You can also nominate a fellow NAEO member or yourself (with two written seconds by current NAEO members) byfilling out the nomination form. Please note that the nomination forms are due to the NAEO Office by Wednesday, December 7, 2011.

For more specific information on the commitment of being a NAEO Board member, click here for the Board of Directors Job Description.

2011 Nominating Committee
Billy Peppard, NAEO Membership Committee Chairmen
Jim Wagner, NAEO Board Member and Past President
Joe Adam,
NAEO Board Member and Past President

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Upcoming NAEO Webinars

Business Continuity
December 14, 2011
12:00 pm EST

Speaker: Joe Adam, Kurt VanderSheer

This is a part of a series of webinars that will cover the NAEO Disaster Recovery Plan that was written exclusively for our NAEO members. This program was developed over a two year span in conjunction with Barney Pelant and Associates (a leader in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning).

We will discuss why your business (regardless of its size) will benefit from this program. We will also discuss the program materials as well as what outside resources will be made available to the membership to assist with completing this program. In the first session we will briefly discuss the various sections of the plan and we will also start working through Chapter 1 of the program. For the next sessions we will cover a chapter each webinar. But don't worry; if you miss one of the webinars, you can still join the series later — just watch the recorded sessions to get caught up.

The goal of this webinar series is to work through the plan as a group so that everyone will benefit from each other’s experience and knowledge.

It’s Conference Time, Are you Ready?:
"Raising the Stakes with NAEO!”

January 11, 2011
1:00 pm EST

Speaker: Trisha Stenberg

Join members of the NAEO Board of Directors for an informational webinar forum to learn what’s on the menu at the "2012 Annual Conference.” Everything from educational workshops you can expect, insight on the keynote speaker, business meeting, information on the Cosmopolitan Hotel, and the local Las Vegas area as well as travel tips and FAQs will be on the agenda. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity designed to help both newbies and veterans get the most out of their NAEO Conference experience!

All webinars are free for members. Please register your information. There is a limit of 25 attendees, so register early.

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Amtelco’s Billing Link 4 Software

by Michael W. Leibowitz, Call Experts

The phone call we all hate to get...

"Good morning, Amazing Answering Service. How may I help you?"

"Hi, this is Joe the Plumber. I have a question about my bill."

"Sure, Joe. What is it?"

"It is a piece of paper in an envelope. But that’s not important now. It says on the invoice that I have 543 minutes of 'Agent Time.' What is that?"

"That's the amount of time our operators spent on your calls last month."

"I only got 25 messages. How could that be?"

"Well, our system counts it for us. It might include Disc time."

"What is Disc time?"

"I'm not sure. It could be time we spent wrapping up each call after the caller hung up."


"It might be fetches and repeats."

"Please send me a detailed list of the calls that show the time. Gotta go. Your operators are great but I need to understand the bill. Thanks."

Now... What do you do?

Depending on which stats you bill for, it was usually impossible to produce a detail report that matches the stats. At best, it was time consuming.

There has to be a better way!

This is the exact situation that led to the development of Billing Link 4. Since its release by Amtelco four years ago, Amtelco's BL4 has provided a solution to the above scenario, along with a suite of features that are being used by many Infinity operations.

Most Infinity users produce a report that has their statistics, or perhaps generate a billing export file. That report or file has a summary of statistics based on formulas and calculations that usually do not match the Call Detail report in Report Generator or Unified Reports. So, when you run a Call Detail report, the total activity usually will not match the amounts you billed for.

BL4 goes straight to the raw data in MDR and CTE. It analyzes each call, adds up the stats that you bill for, and generates a call detail line item that has the same total. This process also allows you to adjust each call with rounding, minimum times, and maximum times. It also allows value-added adjustments for time of day, day of week, and holidays.

When you add up all the possible ways a call is handled (Operator, No Operator, Live, Non Live, etc), there are about 250 different ways to track calls and other activity! No wonder the thought of handling all this data is daunting. Here is a partial list of some of the 250 statistics, based on time, that BL4 will gather for you – the actual list is much longer:

Here is a list of some of the activity, based on call counts:

In addition to the 250+ stats, BL4 also lets you pull data from any SQL or MySql database and bill for it.

When you generate an invoice, BL4 gathers the stats, adds them up, adjusts them with rounding and other factors, and produces an invoice that can be printed, emailed as a PDF, or faxed. There is no limit to the stats you bill for, and you can use either formulas or templates to make setting up a client a snap. For the challenging clients, you can easily pick the exact stats you bill for. For example, you could bill for all highlighted time but cap the highlighted time from a fetch at 3 minutes per call. How many times have your operators done a board check and hit ‘Done’ on a client account, resulting in a huge charge to that client? BL4 lets you manage this.

The call detail can optionally be included in the invoice. However, even if it is not included, it is stored in the client’s file and is available immediately as a PDF, or online, by the client, if they use Amtelco’s Web Portal.

If your customer prefers to receive their call detail (and any other supporting attachments) as an Excel spreadsheet, that is also available as a per customer option.

Next month: How the Adjustments feature of billing link can increase profit and reduce customer complaints.

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Warning! Contagious Condition and it's Not the Flu!

by Nancy Friedman, The Telephone Doctor

Dear Reader:

As most of you know, I write all of our monthly eNewsletters. They're all original and it's fun doing them. Some of the ideas come from you and we thank you for that.

This month's email was given to me years ago. I wish I had written it. The author remains unknown; believe me, I have tried to locate the original author. We believe in giving credit.

That being said, it's still worth the time to read and learn from it.

Nancy Friedman
The Telephone Doctor

There is an infectious condition that may run rampant through your office. It has been brought to our attention that many of you already have this condition, and that everyone is, at least, a carrier. Little is known about the history of the condition, but there is some evidence that it has persisted in humans for thousands of years. The condition is occasionally dormant in some people and in apparent remission. A few people never show symptoms.

Experts indicate that the condition is highly contagious, but not always serious. In fact, for some people it may be beneficial. Statistics regarding the condition are difficult to develop as most cases go unreported.

The condition is most commonly passed by personal contact. You may catch it just by speaking with an infected person. Initial symptoms are so mild that you may not even realize you have been infected. Later, the condition may have more marked effects on you. Scientists also believe that the condition compounds itself, that is, the severity increases with increased exposure.

Experts also report that the condition can be transmitted in other ways. Reading a letter written by an infected person may create symptoms. Several cases have indicated instances where a single individual has infected large numbers of people through written material.

The condition is also commonly passed on by talking on the telephone with an infected person. Experts are not exactly sure how this happens, but symptoms have been observed in people on the phone when no one else is near.

There is no known medical cure. The symptoms can be controlled to some extent, but most people refuse treatment. Interestingly, however, experts have observed numerous cases where a non-infected person has been able to temporarily alleviate all symptoms from an infected person with only minimal contact.

The initial symptoms are evidenced by an upturning of the ends of the mouth, often to the extent of showing one's teeth. The psychological effects can be very pronounced. The condition is often accompanied by a feeling of warmth (but not a fever) and happiness. People have been known to become almost euphoric during acute episodes. Many infected people can be convinced to do almost anything and most find it difficult to be unkind or rude. The condition is called chronic infectious smilyosis, or more commonly, smiling.

If you encounter someone with this condition, there is little you can do – just smile!

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Pause Playback and Resume Playback Added to Infinity Telephone Agent and Voice Mail Check-in

by David Drenk

Beginning with Infinity version 5.51.05, Pause Playback and Resume Playback functions are available for use with Voice Mail. The Pause Playback function is used to pause the playback of Voice Mail to aid with transcription. The Resume Playback key is used to resume playing of Voice Mail. The system resumes playback two seconds earlier in the recording from where it was paused.

The Pause Playback and Resume Playback functions can be assigned to keyboard keys in Infinity Telephone Agent’s Setup Control Panel. On the Keyboard page, click the Keyboard Setup hyperlink to access the Keyboard Setup window. The new keys are listed as "Pause Playback” and "Resume Playback” and can be dragged onto the list of keys to assign them keys on the keyboard.

These functions can also be made available to Voice Mail users in the Voice Check-in menu upon request. Please contact AMTELCO Field Service for assistance implementing this feature.


  • Infinity 5.51.05 or later
  • Infinity Telephone Agent 5.51.3425.06 or later

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Option to Prevent Agents from Canceling out of IS Contact Dispatching Window

by David Drenk

With IS Directory Contacts, an IS message script can be configured to present agents with a Dispatching window that contains the contact methods for the selected contact. The Contact Dispatch element contains a new option to prevent agents from escaping from the Dispatching window without selecting a contact method.

In the General properties for the Contact Dispatch element, a check box labeled "Allow canceling contact method selection” has been added. By default, this check box is selected.

When the check box is selected, agents are given the option to press the ESC key to close the Dispatching window without selecting a contact method.

When the check box is cleared, the Dispatching window no longer gives the agent the option to press the ESC key. Agents must select a contact method and press ENTER to continue.


  • Infinity Telephone Agent 5.51.3504.12 or later
  • IS Supervisor 5.51.3504.14 or later
  • IS Messaging
  • IS Directory
  • IS Directory Contacts
  • SQL Server 2000 or later
  • Soft Agent 3.1.3504.07 or later
  • IS Supervisor 5.51.3504.14 or later
  • IS Messaging
  • IS Directory
  • IS Directory Contacts
  • SQL Server 2000 or later

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Infinity 101

by Susan Kirkpatrick


1. Match the behavior to its brief description.

A) Auto Attendant
B) Bye
C) Change Client (Chg Client)
D) Operator Audio
E) To Operator
F) Voice Checkin
G) Voicemail

1) The caller enters an account number and passcode.
2) The caller hears directions and then "Goodbye.”
3) The caller leaves a voice mail message.
4) The caller presses digit 1 for directions.
5) The caller presses digit 2 for Sara’s cell phone.
6) The operator answers the call.
7) The operator enters his/her station number before taking a call.


2. True or False? The client number box to the right of To Operator must equal the account number.


3. If a mailbox owner wants to record his/her own greeting to callers, enable:

A. Create Voice Mail
B. Edit Auto-Answer Greeting
C. Edit Mailbox Greeting
D. Edit Mailbox Name


4. Which of these statements about the following script is true?

A. The operator will see separate script prompts for the caller’s name, a phone number, an email, and a message.
B. "The continue button determines…” information is for programmers only.
C. When the operator clicks the Continue button, the script will contact the Cardiology Oncall.
D. When the operator clicks the Continue button, a new screen mode will appear.
E. When the operator clicks the Continue button, the script will close.




1. A5, B2, C4, D7, E6, F1, G3
NOTE: Some customers may find value in newer behaviors.

  • The Employee Checkin behavior can provide documentation through a change in the Infinity status for those accounts where personnel must check in at regularly scheduled times. Consider using programming Change Account or Change To Cross Reference in the Box # field of a main account. Each employee has his/her own account. The checkin number is the voicemail passcode.
  • The Rotate behavior references a message distribution list and its accounts. Each referenced account can have its own call distribution table and can display the original account when answered.
  • The Voicemail Schedule Callback behavior gives callers the ability to schedule preferred callback times.

2. F
A value of 0 is the same as the displayed account number. However, some programmers prefer to type the account number.

3. C
Letter A, if enabled, gives the mailbox owner the ability to create a message for future delivery. A Mailbox Name usually includes a person’s name only.

For letter A, there is no email script input. For letter C, the Select Contact action simply displays the oncall name, if one exists, for the Cardiology schedule. (For Contact Based Architecture, the Contact Dispatch scripting action initiates the callouts.) For letter D, a new screen appears. For letter E, a new screen appears. If the operator clicks the default Next button (assuming the programmer keeps that button displayed), the script would close.

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