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Communication #Fail
by Gary Pudles

Email and Live Chat Line
by Nancy Friedman

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Destination Nashville
by Dara Watson

NAEO … Where Innovation Sings (in Nashville!)
by Kelli Harrigan

The Education Committee Looks Forward to an Exciting Year!
by Gerald R. Brosseau, II and
Lina Masri

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Option to Exclude an Operator from Chat to All
by David Drenk

Edit Status Permission
by David Drenk

From the Editor

by Betty Bouchie

A Matter of the Heart

February is heart health month, because it contains the biggest heart day, Valentine’s Day. There are many references to the heart, "having a heart for something”, "the heart of the matter”, "heart and soul”. This is because we recognize the importance of the heart, not only as a physical part of the body, but also as our metaphorical feeling centre.

It is important to keep our hearts healthy, and not just by eating the right things and exercising. Also by making sure we follow the heart’s leading in other areas of our life. Putting your heart into the work you do, the people you associate with and the after-hours activities in which you participate.

Check out the article below for some heart tips, and have a heart-full Valentine’s Day.

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"We just got back from NAEO in Las Vegas and wanted to thank everyone. In the 26 years I have been in this industry I have never been to a meeting an open as this was. Everyone was welcoming and willing to share information. Amtelco took a major role in the conference and I have never seen the level of participation before… THANK YOU! I can’t think of another business that works the way our industry does helping each other. Thank you and we are looking forward to next year!!!”
~Kurt Duncan, MedConnectUSA

Be Inspired

Submitted by Gary Blair

Do the things that interest you and do them with all your heart. Don’t be concerned about whether people are watching you or criticizing you. The chances are that they aren’t paying attention to you.
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

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Something to Smile About...

Here are some hearts for the northern and southern folks!

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"I attended my first NAEO conference and wanted to thank everyone for making it an exciting new experience. I learned a lot of beneficial information and I can’t wait to get back to work to put some of the new knowledge in place.”
~Justin Wiggins, Main Line TeleCommunications

IS Tip

Have You Hugged Your Programmer Today?

by Kevin Procter, Extend Communications Inc.

Strong computer programmers, those with a passion for what they do, will often put their heart and soul into their work. This is the programmer who goes to work and spends eight hours in front of a computer, creating and testing code, or debugging code that’s already written. This not-so-hypothetical programmer will also take himself away from a place of deep thought and Zen-like existance, to return to a social space where he must communicate as well with people as he does with machines.

Is the best programmer the one who has few social skills but can skillfully arrange atoms within silicon? Depending on the work environment, a programmer who can not interface with people very well may find his or her niche within a company, while other programmers will be required to develop their social skills in parallel with their coding abilities.

Regardless, all programmers who enjoy the task of writing code have something in common: They’re insatiably creative, and they have well-loved computers at home.

Programming is a creative outlet. Like an artist, that Zen-like mindset takes a coder near Nirvana, where coding flows freely and fluidly onto the silicon canvas, like the colours and swirls flowed from the hands of van Gogh or Michelangelo. At those times, the programmer puts his entire being into the code; and like an artist, a programmer will take great pride in some of his work, and will greatly dislike other creations.

Enter the IS programmer: he or she not only has great experiences programming and has to interface well with people, but must also be aware of what other people outside the environment might be prepared to say or do – not just the callers, but more importantly the operators. The IS programmer may also be tasked with setting up accounts from start to finish. Then there are the variety of languages the IS programmer must be aware of – either to be fluent in them, or know how to access resources to learn syntax as needed.

Programming within this industry – especially when highly complex accounts are involved – does occasionally present those Zen moments. When those moments arrive, it’s the best drug ever!

The next time you use a scripted account that works well (especially one that is very complex), think of the programmer who reveled in the delicious binary Zen garden of the mind. The programmer will be quietly taking pride in his or her work, and watching thoughtfully and critically (of himself) as the company profits from the heart he’s put into the coding. With this in mind, hug your programmer this month – if not physically (’cuz that could seem weird in the workplace) a virtual hug via an appreciative comment is every bit as effective.

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by Michael Goumas, ProComm

Let’s say you have a large directory but you only want to have a subset of the directory pulled in to the script and you want it to be dynamic… meaning you can add people to the directory and it will automatically add it to the script.

In this example, the RoleDefinitionID (from dirRoleDefinitions in Intelligent) = 4437. This is quick and dirty as I know how to go in to SQL and find the ID# from the table.

This is the resulting list in SQL. This gives you the name of the person from the dirListings table and the name of the role.

Disc group (Brian Woodard’s) Daytime groups
Electric group (Gary Cobb’s) Daytime groups
GEORGE CHANDLER Daytime groups
Michael Goumas Daytime groups
MIKE GREENMAN Daytime groups
ProComm group Daytime groups
ROBERT BIRD Daytime groups
ROBERT LANCE Daytime groups
SCOTT MCLANE Daytime groups
Sewer group (Chris Brabham’s) Daytime groups
Water group (Mark White’s) Daytime groups
Water/Sewer group (Emily Taylor’s) Daytime groups

Here is the SQL procedure that I have created to make this work.

ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[spMichaelListByRole]
@RoleDefinition int = NULL
SELECT Description,dirRoleDefinitions.Name
FROM dirListings
JOIN dirContactRoles
ON dirListings.listID = dirContactRoles.listID
JOIN dirRoleDefinitions
ON dirContactRoles.roledefID = dirRoleDefinitions.roledefID
WHERE (dirContactRoles.roledefID = @RoleDefinition)
ORDER BY Description

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Gary Pudles

Communication #Fail

by Gary Pudles, AnswerNet

Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast hard and fast, with little warning. Buildings were damaged, phone lines were down and communication was at an all-time low. It was an unpleasant surprise how many companies were unprepared, including companies that are in the communications business! Periodic tweets would appear saying that they were "working hard on a solution” when referring to restoring internet access or other services, but never anything that was actually useful.

Business managers must grasp the importance of crisis communication. Disasters can happen at any time and without notice. In fact, "any listed corporation faces an 85% likelihood of experiencing a significant corporate crisis in any five year period.”[1] Without proper crisis communication to shareholders, media and customers, a company can damage its reputation, brand loyalty and erode its customer base — all affecting profits.

Have a plan for when your business processes are interrupted. Outline how you intend to tell everyone and keep them updated as you determine how to get back on track. This is especially important if you are a business-to-business company, because other companies rely on you to keep their offices running.

A great tactic for your crisis communications plan is social media. Almost everyone is on some sort of social network, and it is a great way to exchange information. Clients will expect to find your messages there, too.

If your email servers are down and your phone lines have been knocked out, share information using a smart phone or tablet. Reach out via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Social networks act as a modern-day emergency broadcast system. However, do not ignore more traditional tactics such as corporate hotlines or tapping a call center that can provide essential services and relay messages from locations outside the hot zone. These are all great tools that comprise a complete and thoughtful crisis communications plan.

So whether it is a hurricane or a car crashing into your front window, prepare a plan to communicate with your clients at every step of the recovery process. Make sure you have a backup plan for those sudden emergencies, and don’t be afraid to use social networks as a way to share. Bottom line, don’t have a communication #fail.

[1] Crowd Control HQ.(2012) Braving the Social Media Crisis [White Paper] Retrieved from

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Email and Live Chat Line

by Nancy Friedman, The Telephone Doctor

Yes, our Telephone Doctor customer service and communication training covers email and live chat. This subject gets covered a lot; however, we want to reiterate some key points on both email and live chat that will make life easier for those who use these methods of communication.

Do you know the top 5 email frustrations? Here they are:

1. Poor spelling and grammar.

2. Unrelated subject lines.

3. Forwarding unrelated messages. (Ouch, that can be bad!)

4. All caps. (It’s OK when you’re excited in a positive way; not necessary other times.)

5. Reply to all when not necessary, and

5A. Messages that are way too long.

We are all aware we could probably name five more offenses and frustrations. However, these top five keep coming up to the top time and time again. We believe they are the best of the worst. Keep them in mind as you email.

Live Chat Lines on the Web:

If your company is using live chat online, here are a few tips that will help you and the person on the other end.

A Telephone Doctor survey shows a live chat conversation will end up in a phone call nearly 50% of the time. What does that say to you? Well, it says to me, the conversation didn’t go the right way. More help was needed. That’s because the written word can often be mistaken for something it wasn’t meant to be.

That being said, as many of you recall, Telephone Doctor started out as experts in telephone skills. As the other touch points of communication came along, we fine-tuned our tips, skills, and techniques to help email, voice mail, snail mail, fax and face-to-face. (Texting is left out for now, because it’s not in the mainstream just yet. Certainly there may be clients who prefer a text, but in the office/business world it’s not "there” quite yet.)

Back to the live chat line. For those not familiar with live chat, simply put, it’s servicing and communicating with customers, one-on-one, via a web-based site online. It’s email in real time. In reading some of the printed live chats from clients and customers it was very clear to me, the biggest problem was: the personality is missing.

It appears the company person goes directly into a "robot mode.” Yes. No. And a lot of one and two word answers. No smiley faces. Nothing that says, "Hey, I'm human” or "I care.”

While we’re not looking for answers that rival Gone with the Wind, we do know that three words make a sentence. We also know one word answers are considered rude and cold.

If you’re using live chat, think of the person you’re communicating with as sitting right across the desk from you and talk with them. Not down to them.

We found another big concern on live chat and email are the words many of us confuse day after day. Which is your albatross? Here they are:

  • You’re - Your
  • There - Their - They’re
  • Grateful - Great
  • To - Too - Two
  • Hear - Here
  • Seamless - Seemless
  • Know - No - Now
  • Effect - Affect
  • When to use I vs. me

The list goes on and on. I’m about to give you the absolute best answer for never making these mistakes again. Ever!

When in Doubt — Leave it Out!

If you’re writing an email or doing live chat and aren’t sure which word is correct, use a totally different word.

Example. I found myself mixing up "greatful” and "grateful.” As in: "It was a great party. Thank you.” and "I am very grateful for this opportunity.” So rather than worry if I used the right word or not, now I say, "It was a fabulous party. And I am so appreciative for this opportunity.”

Remember, "when it doubt, leave it out.” While we often don’t think others will mind these errors, they do. They wonder about our credibility; our intelligence; our thoughtfulness.

OK, I promised this wouldn’t be a long article. Hope you enjoyed. Love to hear from you on this or any topic you’d like to hear about.

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"Attending a NAEO user conference is like being a kid in a candy store! There are so many great people bursting with knowledge and experience, and to make it even better, they are all willing to share what they know with you! I come away every year reenergized and full of ideas that I can use to make our hospital call center operate more efficiently. Don't waste a minute—make plans to attend now!”
~ Gail Russell, Director of Telecommunications & Physician Answering Service, Salina Regional Health Center

Destination Nashville!

By: Dara Watson, NotifyMD

Registration and Full Details

Welcome to Music City – Nashville, TN, also known as Nash-Vegas!

Nashville is known best for the vibrant and colorful music culture spanning a variety of genres, most notable as the birthplace of country music, and home of the Ryman Auditorium (the Mother Church of Country Music). Also known for jazz, bluegrass and gospel music, the city has become a hot spot for all music recording sessions and the home of many musical geniuses. You can go into any club (or honky-tonk) on or near Broadway and hear good music at any time of the day – and look around, there is a star on every corner.

** Remember, only tourists ask for autographs!

The downtown area alone features a diverse assortment of entertainment, dining, cultural and architectural attractions. Nashville is the home of hot, spicy chicken and fried dill pickles with a list of food establishments that also span multiple cultures. Looking for something different? Catch a taxi or hop in your car to hit a number of easy accessible parks and recreational sites. If history is your thing, you have come to the right city – the battles of Nashville, Franklin and Stones River along with several antebellum plantations are just minutes away. Museums, theatre, music and food are all nearby to make for an interesting visit. Add the mild climate, sports and NAEO to this mix and what better place to be!!!

Please note: Registration deadlines are coming up fast!

2013 NAEO Conference Invitation from NAEO on Vimeo.

This video highlights the 2013 NAEO Conference, which will take place March 16-19 in Nashville, Tennessee.


Conference Quicklinks:

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Kelli Harrigan

NAEO … Where Innovation Sings (in Nashville!)

By Kelli Harrigan, Conference Chair

NAEO’s annual conference at the Gaylord Opryland in Nashville, March 16-19, will have something for everyone

  • Our keynote speaker, Randi Busse, has worked in the call center industry and worked with healthcare providers to ensure quality customer service and patient interactions, turning those Rants into Raves.
  • The latest and greatest developments from Amtelco in Infinity and Intelligent Series, designed to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and build revenue in your organization.
  • Round tables for open discussion on a variety of topics – learn from your peers about what works and how you can improve in various areas.
  • Tracks specifically designed for focused education for you and your staff…

NAEO offers a one-and-a-half-day pre-conference workshop designed to be an in-depth study of how your Supervisors and Managers can use Amtelco’s Infinity system to better manage your operation and create peak efficiencies.

IS Programmers:
Concurrent with the Supervisor workshop, there will also be a Basic/Intermediate IS Workshop prior to conference. This is a great opportunity for your entry level programmers to get some hands-on experience with IS programming, learning from industry experts. Building a script from scratch, attendees will go home with a better understanding of how to build consistency into their scripts, use advanced functionalities such as screen modes and case branching, among many other features.

Healthcare Track:
For our Healthcare attendees, we have planned some sessions specifically geared toward your environment – are Patient Appointment No Shows costing your organization money? Come and hear how Capital District Health Authority has turned that around using Amtelco’s Pro Show reminder system to improve care and reduce no shows. Curious about how you can better centralize some of your hospital services using Infinity or Intelligent Series? Dan DuPuis from Allina Health in Minnesota will show you how. Wondering how you can better manage the data you collect in your IS Script and Electronic Medical Records? Join Stacey and Mike from Amtelco to learn more about the integration that is possible!

Operations Track:
Our people are the core of our business, so our Operations track is focused on building the foundation. Randi Busse will present on creating a Culture of Ownership among your staff. This will lead in well to our remaining breakouts on enhancing the skills of your front line agents, the value of cross-training and the benefits of conducting group interviews when hiring.

Sales/Marketing Track:
Enhancing our revenue streams is never far from mind in most of our businesses, so this track is all about creative approaches to keeping that revenue stream going. Starting off with a breakout session on creating a Superstar sales culture, we will follow that up with sessions on the Art of Negotiation, Strategies to Improve Your Profitability, and a special speed marketing round table session guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing!

Technical Track:
Keeping up with the ever-changing technology in our industry is always a challenge (and an opportunity!). Our breakout track for the more technically minded will include a session on Useful Apps that will compliment the services you provide using your Amtelco equipment. We will also have sessions covering how to ensure business continuity in the case of nearly any scenario, the ever-popular annual review of the best practices of maintaining your Amtelco hardware and software environment, and you will also have the opportunity to pick the minds of some of our "techiest” members in the State of the Industry Panel.

And if you wear some of these hats, or all of these hats in your office, you will find something of value in every session you can attend. Be sure to make it to the final "Best Ideas of the Conference” session where everyone shares the one idea that they considered the most valuable from the conference. If you miss a session, this last one could be your chance to learn from the rest of us and take home that BIG IDEA that will make the conference pay for itself!

"NAEO is a great organization to help a company learn and grow in a call center environment. They understand that a company’s needs may vary and not every situation is the same. Thus, the attention to consumer needs is well met with a variety of Webinars, Seminars and just knowing someone will be there to answer questions should they arise. From the time I started with the educational committee they have always been about, "What can we do to help?” or "What can we teach them?” They have taught me a lot over the years and I hope to continue to learn and grow with them. The NAEO Committee is a great bunch of people with a willingness to help anyone at any time. I’d like to thank them for all they have taught me and look forward to our future endeavors.”
~ Carolyn Sonnefeld, Telecommunications Systems Coordinator, Mercy Medical Center

Gerald R. Brosseau

Lina Masri


The Education Committee Looks Forward to an Exciting Year!

We look forward to seeing you at the 2013 Annual Conference in Nashville, March 16-19, 2013!

by Gerald R. Brosseau, II, Education Committee Chair
and Lina Masri, Education Committee Co-Chair

Operations Managers Deborah Anders from The Legacy Connection and Evelyn Portinari from Always On Call, respectively, will present the supervisor pre-conference workshop. Supervisors will learn the details and best practices of key Amtelco software that they use on a daily basis, including voice logger, report generator and unified reports, Infinity Supervisor, Ultracomm Supervisor, and more! In addition, both Deborah and Evelyn will offer an open forum for the proper handling of human resource and customer service concerns.

The concurrent pre-conference Intelligent Series workshop will be presented by Debbie Imes of Advantage Answering Plus, Inc., Jason Miller of Southern Voice, Theran Mossholder of New Town Answering, and Jake Phillips of Main Line TeleCommunications. Attendees will learn the basics of IS programming with the unique opportunity to learn the tips and tricks of a diverse group of programmers. This workshop is a big advantage for newly promoted employees or cross-training of staff members to learn how to do scripted messaging. Attendees will need to bring a laptop and have connection into their own system. If they do not have a connection, please email as soon as possible.

The committee is also working diligently this year to schedule webinars approximately every other week. If you happen to miss one, you may log into and view them from the webinar library. If you have any requests for webinar topics, please email and we would be happy to add to the schedule. Please join us in the coming weeks for the following webinars:

  • Feb. 20, 2013 – E&O insurance – Hosted by our new vendor, U.S. Risk
  • Feb. 27, 2013 – IS WORKSHOP/SUPERVISOR WORKSHOP: How to Prepare, what to bring! Everything you need to know about the conference workshops before you go!!
  • March 6, 2013 – New England Payment Systems

NAEO Membership Survey

NAEO Members – We’re asking for few minutes of your valuable time to impact the future of NAEO.

Dear NAEO Member,

Thank you for being a member of NAEO. We value and need your input on our offerings so we can serve you better. Please take a few minutes to complete the electronic survey so you can make an impact on the future of NAEO.

If you fully complete the survey by March 1 and provide your contact information, you will be entered into a drawing to win a $250 Visa gift card. Don’t wait! Complete the survey today.

A 3-5% response on a survey is great – we would like a 30-50% response so we can take your input and bring NAEO to the next level of excellence in serving our community of call center professionals.

Please respond by Friday, March 1, 2013.

Thank you.

Scholarship Recipients Announced

Dear NAEO Members,

I’m pleased to announce the winners of the 2012 NAEO William and Eleanor Curtin and Christina Collins Scholarships. NAEO received many outstanding applications that made the selection process a difficult one and all applicants should be applauded.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and the NAEO Scholarship Committee, our congratulations are extended to Ms. Haley Wright of Call Experts on being selected to receive the 2012 William and Eleanor Curtin Scholarship and to Mr. Daniel DuPuis of Allina Health, on receiving the 2012 Christina Collins Scholarship.

Thank you to all those members who applied or had co-workers apply for these scholarships. NAEO looks forward to receiving many more applications in the fall of 2013.

Lastly, don’t forget to register for the NAEO Annual Conference by February 15 to receive the member early bird registration rate! Visit for program details and online registration.

Andy Shelp, NAEO Executive Director

Upcoming Webinars

The NEW NAEO Professional Liability Program
Wednesday, February 20, 2013 | 2:00 pm EST

Presenter: Laura McCormick, Senior Broker, Professional Lines, U.S. Risk Brokers, Inc.
Moderator: Hettie Dunwoody

What it is, Why you need it, and How to get it!

I. What it is:
· History of development and objective of "industry plan”
· Coverage outline
· Pricing considerations (discounts for members)
· Risk Management Fund

II. Why you need it:
· Traditional E&O coverage
· Contingent BI/PD coverage – why it’s so important
· Specific definition of covered services
· Data breach/privacy liability
· Mechanical breakdown/power surge
· Defense coverage

Industry trends and statistics relative to above coverage areas

III. How you get it!
· Contact info for web, email, phone
· Short application


Participants in the Q&A portion of this webinar have the chance to win a prize!

New England Payment Systems
Wednesday, March 6, 2013 | 2:00 pm EST

Presenter: Linda Monaco

New England Payment Systems, LLC, was formed in July 2000. The principle of the company is Linda Monaco. Before forming the company, Linda worked as the Regional Manager for Certified Merchant Services out of Houston, TX, for three years. As a Regional Manager, she would arrange sales appointments to analyze credit card processing statements for merchants, prepare proposals, download and install terminals. New England Payment Systems, LLC, provide merchants unique and innovative ways to grow their businesses with non-cash payment services. New England Payment Systems currently has a portfolio of more than 600 merchants. We are very proud to say that we are a "debt free company and will always be.”

About New England Payment Systems, LLC

  1. Located in Derry, NH with agent sales offices in MD, NJ, NY, TX, and CA.
  2. More than 16 years industry experience.
  3. Local presence to provide exceptional service.
  4. All service and account management provided in-house.
  5. Active member of ETA, NAOPP, NEAA, and BNI.

Benefits to Merchants

  1. Competitive pricing
  2. Exceptional local service
  3. Online reporting
  4. Flexible processing solutions
  5. Ancillary services
    1. Check acceptance
    2. Debit
    3. Gift and loyalty cards
    4. Commerce solutions
    5. ACH
    6. Cash advance

Benefits to Bank Partners

  1. On time and accurate residuals
  2. Multiple revenue stream system
  3. No risk or liability
  4. Dedicated sales partner
  5. Portfolio growth
  6. Attract new customers

New England Payment Systems offers every piece of equipment and software you will ever need

  1. Lipman
  2. Hypercom
  3. Verifone
  4. Integrated Point of Sale Systems (Micros, Aloha, etc)
  5. Internet Gateways (EProcessing Network, Authorize.Net, Verisign, Go Software)

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"As a part of the hospital industry we are all familiar with budget cuts, however, I made a conscious decision to refrain from all other travel and focus on the annual NAEO Conference each year because of insight and knowledge I gain every year. Your benefits of attending far surpass the value of membership fees and the cost of the annual conference. Not only are you now affiliated with the best networking group in the world, but you have lifelong friends and where else can you find a friendlier group of people willing to help you at a moment’s notice.

In our Call Center and Answering Service, we have discovered:

  • Faster, more efficient ways to handle call volume
  • Time it takes to train new hires is cut in half
  • Emergency procedures are handled with confidence and ease
  • Dual paging / texting allows for less key strokes and executing procedures more rapidly
  • Our abandon rate has dropped significantly due to the auto-connect feature
  • Ability to streamline processes and procedures

We certainly look forward to many more years of continued successful partnership with Amtelco!”
~ Judi Lathan, University Health Care System, Augusta, GA

david drenk

Option to Exclude an Operator from Chat to All

by David Drenk

Infinity Telephone Agent includes a chat feature that allows operators and supervisor to communicate with each other quickly and easily without interrupting calls. One of the features of the operator chat is the Chat to All option, which sends a text message to all operators and supervisors.

Infinity Telephone Agent now includes an option to exclude specific users from Chat to All messages. This option is located in Infinity Supervisor in the Operator Setup pages on the Advanced tab. If the "Disable Chat All” check box is selected in an operator’s advanced settings, that operator will not receive any Chat to All messages but will still receive messages sent specifically to that operator and will still be able to send chat messages.


  • Infinity 5.51.09 or later
  • Infinity Supervisor 5.51.0016 or later

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david drenk

Edit Status Permission

by David Drenk

A new permission level called "Edit Status” has been added to the Subj. Views tab in Intelligent Series (IS) Supervisor System Setup, Security, Permission Groups. This permission controls whether a group of agents can override the Status Schedule of IS Directory contacts.

The Edit Status permission was added so that administrators can give agents permission to override contact statuses without giving the agents permission to edit IS Directory listings.

The Edit Status permission requires the optional IS Directory Contacts feature.

Setting permissions

To set the Edit Status permission, click the System icon on the IS Supervisor toolbar.
The System Setup pages are displayed.

Click the Security hyperlink on the System Setup navigation bar.
Hyperlinks for the Permission Groups and Password Rules pages are displayed.

Click the Permission Groups hyperlink.
The Permission Groups page is displayed.

Select the Permission Group you want to edit.
The permissions assigned to that Permission Group are displayed.

Click the Subject Views tab.
The Subject Views settings are displayed.

Select an IS Directory Subject.
The permissions that the group has been granted for the select Directory Subject are displayed.

Edit Status: Select the Edit Status check box.

View: In order to provide access the view in the Infinity Telephone Agent or Intelligent Soft Agent application, you also must select the View check box.

Edit: If you do not want the members of this group to be able to edit any of the other directory information, clear the Edit check box.

Overriding a Contact’s Status

With the optional IS Directory Contacts feature, status schedules automate changes in status for a contact for different times of day and days of the week, but supervisors and agents can temporarily override these status schedules in IS Supervisor, Infinity Telephone Agent, and the Soft Agent using the Status bar.

When an agent with Edit Status permission views a Directory Subject that is enabled for the IS Directory Contacts feature, a Change button is displayed to the right of the selected contact’s current status. The agent can click the Change button to override the contact’s status schedule.

To override a contact’s status, click the "Change” button.

The contact’s status schedule for the current day is displayed.

Click the "Plus” icon.

The Status Override pane is displayed.


There are several options for overriding the status.

Do one of the following:

  • Select a different status for the person.
  • Select a specific Contact Method.
  • Select "Phone” and enter a new phone number.
  • Select "Covered By” and specify a different contact to cover for this person.

Contact Order

When performing a status override, the specified order of contact methods for the selected status is displayed so that the agent knows the effect that the new status will have on the contact order.


Set the date and time to start the status change.


Set the date and time to end the status change.

Click the "Save” button to save the status change and return to the Status Schedule pane.

Click the "Exit” button to return to the Listings page.

When the status override takes effect, the status override is displayed in the Status Bar above the listing’s detail page.


  • IS Supervisor 5.60.3925.0 or later
  • IS Directory
  • IS Directory Contacts
  • SQL Server 2000 or later
  • Infinity Telephone Agent 5.60.3925.02 or later (optional)
  • Soft Agent 3.2.3925.01 or later (optional)

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"The NAEO conference is more than just education sessions. It is a massive idea exchange, a huge contact pool and a place to find out that you are not alone. In these tight financial times, we need to learn how to do more, with less and do it better. That is what I get from the conference.”
Betty Bouchie, Senior Systems Analyst, CDHA

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