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by Betty Bouchie

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by Gary Blair

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by Michael Goumas

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by Kevin Procter

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2014 Conference: Registration Is Open!

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Setting a Timer in a Script to Alternate OnCall


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Integrate OnCall Rotation and Escalation with IS Directory Contacts Scripts
by David Drenk

Disable Disconnect Alerts for Select Operators
by David Drenk

From the Editor

by Betty Bouchie

Keeping a fresh perspective

Have you ever been the first person to walk across a field after a fresh snow? How about down a sandy beach? When you look back you can see exactly where and how you moved, but there is nothing in front of you but a clear expanse. This is the opportunity we are given every January 1! Look out at the fresh new places to go, but learn from the marks you left behind.
Best of everything in 2014!

Here is a short article to help inspire you.


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Be Inspired

Submitted by Gary Blair

In order to keep a true perspective of one’s importance, everyone should have a dog that will worship him and a cat that will ignore him.
~ Dereke Bruce

Humour is perhaps a sense of intellectual perspective: an awareness that some things are really important, others are not; and that the two kinds are most oddly jumbled in everyday affairs.
~ Christopher Morley

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Something to Smile About...

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by Michael Goumas, ProComm

Can I pull just the name from a field that contains a name and a telephone number?

Yes, LEFT(whateverstringyouhave,LEN(whateverstringyouhave)-12)

Mind you, I subtracted 13 from the length instead of 12 because I don’t want that extra space at the end of the name.

The string is Michael Goumas 813-297-4227


Is there a way to be notified of Ultracomm failures, other than having an operator tell you?

There is an option for operators (if you give them the rights) to the UltraComm failure list from within Telephone Agent.

If they have the rights to this (given below in operator setup)

It will show up when they hit F10 and then F will be available for them to manage the list.

It will not "pop” to that person but they can pull up the list at any time.

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IS Tip

Carpe Annum

by Kevin Procter, Extend Communications Inc.

Every year at this time, there are columnists in all varieties of media who like to sum up the year just gone by. This writer looked back at the Newslinks column submitted this time last year and found that's exactly what was done twelve months ago. So heck, let's do it again!

The year 2013 may have been a year of great change. Life is not static, nor is business, lest decisions be made to allow a business to languish, or a life to become dull.

Amid business and personal life changes, the world may have become a very different place in the last year. Oh yes, the normal day-to-day stuff will happen – new customers come on board; seasonal customers start up again or go dormant again as the vernal equinox and autumnal equinox arrive; and exciting programming challenges continue.

Beyond those routine, expected changes, many other – less expected – changes may have occurred in business as well as in personal life: Your company may have gained a beautiful new building; perhaps you were married and gained a wonderful spouse; maybe you lost half of yourself in the previous year and are now the new slimmer you; or the loss of family members may also have been an event, juxtaposed with the gaining of a new family member through a beautiful new baby. All of these changes and others bring the wise among us to gain fresh new perspectives of self, of business, and of the world around us. We may even learn new skills as a result of changes: Yours truly experienced changes and through them learned to ski!

Embracing change brings growth, whereas refusing change will limit growth just as a body of water which is no longer changed through the addition of new water will become stagnant and putrid.

The fresh new perspective of this new year is ours to seize. Seize it today – seize it tomorrow; seize new ideas, new perspectives – seize growth and change always. Indeed, carpe annum!

Happy New Year!

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2014 Conference: Registration Is Open!


2014 Conference Logo

March 10-13, 2014

Omni Dallas Hotel • 555 South Lamar Street • Dallas, TX 75202

Conference Quicklinks

Conference HomepageAgenda at a GlanceKeynote Speaker
Travel InformationTips & RemindersSponsor & Exhibit
Session DescriptionsIS WorkshopConference Archives

Hotel Accommodations

$192.00 Group rate
Reference Group: 2014 NAEO Annual Conference

Online Reservations: http://www.omnihotels.com/FindAHotel/DallasHotel/MeetingFacilities/2014NAEOAnnualConference.aspx

Room Block Cutoff Date: Thursday, February 6, 2014

Registration Rates

Rates listed are per person.

Early Rates
(on or before Feb. 11, 2014)
Regular Rates
(after Feb. 11, 2014)
1-3 Members$675$825
1-3 Non Members$900$1,025
4-5 Members$660$750
4-5 Non Members$875$950
6+ Members$645$715
6+ Non Members$850
Additional Guest Reception Ticket$100
Additional Guest Luncheons$45
IS Workshop - Member$425$500
IS Workshop - Member with conference registration$375$450
IS Workshop - Nonmember$525$600
IS Workshop - Member with conference registration$475$550

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Upcoming Webinars

The Challenges of Remote Ops
January 22, 2014 | 2:00 pm ET

Presenters: Robert Donnelly, Bill Peppard, Julie Sparklin and Gordon Mott
Host: Deborah Anders

Have you ever thought about using remote operators but just have too many questions and don’t know who to ask? Here’s your chance to learn from some of the expert members of NAEO. This panel will answer questions regarding all aspects of hiring, training, and managing remote ops as well as supervising remotely. Whether you are thinking about using a few remotes or converting the majority of your staff to remote, this is the webinar you don’t want to miss. Mark your calendar and sign up today!

2014 NAEO Annual Conference
February 5 & 19, 2014 | 2:00 pm ET

Presenters: Conference Committee Members
Host: Deborah Anders

Please join members from your Conference Committee to learn what’s "kickin” in Dallas at the 2014 Annual NAEO Conference! We will go over what to expect at the workshops, and give you some insight into the keynote speaker. You will learn what to expect if you attend the Annual Business Meeting, who is it for and why do we have it? We will provide information on the hotel, the Dallas Omni, and a bit on the area as well! This combined with some travel tips and packing tips can help the newcomers as well as the veterans be as prepared as possible and get the most out of their NAEO Conference experience!

Register for: FEB 5 | FEB 19

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Setting a Timer in a Script to Alternate OnCall

by James Ray

It involves advanced formulas to generate the amount of time since X (as well as X) and then an if statement for IF Y >= Z.

Say you have a formula for start time. This will be wherever you want to start counting, whether that be when dispatch procedure behinds or script is first launched, or whatever.

There is your "X", so to speak.

Here is generation your "Y", your duration since the Start.

And finally, your if statement to check if the time has gone over.

And If true, you would have your select contact statement changed to O\C.

Special Notes:

Note 1: The date diff doesn't have to be for minutes.

Note 2: These timers are not automatic; the script can check them when the page loads or a button is pressed, but they won’t automatically do something when the timer hits the threshold.

Note 3: In my screenshots all of this is in the initialize portion of the page, You will actually want that in the Load. The initialize is only run the first time the page is opened, load is run anytime the page is opened.

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david drenk

Integrate OnCall Rotation and Escalation
with IS Directory Contacts Scripts

by David Drenk

A Rotate/Escalate Property has been added to the Select Contact response element to integrate IS Message Scripting with the Rotate/Escalate property of the optional IS Directory OnCall Scheduling feature.

The Rotate/Escalate Property is designed to implement an availability sequence for resources in on-call schedules. This makes it possible to select a different resource—the next resource in the availability sequence—each time a call is received or a message is taken.

The Rotate/Escalate check box is displayed in the Select Contact Properties window when the "Select From” option is set to "OnCall.”

  • If the Rotate/Escalate check box is selected, the Select Contact action follows the Rotate or Escalate value assigned to the Contact Selection property of the IS Directory OnCall Schedule to automatically select the next resource.
  • If the Rotate/Escalate check box is cleared, the resources are displayed in a table to allow the operator to select a resource.

Each IS Directory OnCall schedule can be set to use Rotate or Escalation Contact Selection. To configure an on-call schedule, edit the schedule in the IS Supervisor Directory Setup pages. The Contact Selection setting is located on the Settings tab of the OnCall Schedule Properties.

Contact Selection

Click the Contact Selection menu and select the type of sorting that you want to use to when selecting an on-call resource from this on-call schedule using the Select Contact response element.

Contact Selection



Escalate contact selection always sorts the contacts in the order that they were entered into the schedule. When an on-call contact is requested, the contacts are always selected in the same order.


Rotate contact selection sorts the contacts based on the last time they were last selected. The more recently a contact was selected, the further down it is placed in the list.

When an on-call resource is selected in a message script using the Select Contact response element set to Rotate/Escalate, IS follows the schedule’s Contact Selection setting to determine which resource to select.

  • If the schedule is configured for Escalate Contact Selection, IS selects the next resource in the escalation, starting with the first one that was assigned to the shift and advancing each time a contact is selected for the same message.
  • If the schedule is configured for Rotate Contact Selection, IS selects the resource that was least recently selected for any message.


  • IS Supervisor 5.60.4364.06 or later
  • IS Server 3.7.4364.19150 or later
  • SQL Server 2005 or later
  • IS Messaging
  • IS Directory OnCall
  • IS Directory Contacts
  • Infinity 5.60.11 or later (optional)
  • Infinity Telephone Agent 5.60.4364.09 or later (optional)
  • Soft Agent 3.7.4364.06 or later (optional)
  • Web Scripting 3.7.4364.1 or later (optional)
  • IS Web 3.7.4364.0 or later (optional)
Amtelco Part Number: 232MP100 and 232MP099

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Kelli Harrigan


Disable Disconnect Alerts for Select Operators

by David Drenk

An Operator Setup option for disabling Disconnect Alerts has been added to Infinity Supervisor.

To set the option, open Infinity Supervisor and click the Operator icon. The Operator Setup pages are displayed.

Select an operator on the Operators menu. That operator’s property settings are displayed.

Click the Advanced tab. The Advanced operator options are displayed.

Select the check box labeled "Disable Disconnect Alert.” When this check box is selected, the operator will not receive Disconnect Alerts.

Click the Save icon to save your changes.

  • Infinity 5.60.11 or later
  • Infinity Supervisor 5.60.11 or later

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