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NAEO Board Spotlight: Lisa Phillips

NAEO Summer Seminar Series

Save the date for the 2015 NAEO Annual Conference: March 9-11, 2015

ATSI Award of Excellence Winners 2014

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Dashboard Code Call Message
by David Drenk

Save Multiple IS Messages with the Save IS Message Response Element
by David Drenk

Kelli Harrigan

From the Editor

By Kelli Harrigan

Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer

Is anyone else asking, where did June go?! I waited (not so patiently) through a Wisconsin winter for summer to get here, and then it just races right past me! I love the "lazy” days of summer – not so lazy for those of us in a 24/7 business, but longer days encourage me to spend more time outside, breathing in the fresh air, visiting neighbors and enjoying the wonders of nature. No matter how crazy the work days get, taking a walk by a lake refreshes my spirit and rejuvenates my soul. I hear from many of my friends in the industry that business is hoppin’ and keeping all of us running. I hope you all can take the time to get relax and enjoy the summer!

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Kurt VanderScheer

President’s Report

by Kurt VanderScheer, Answer United, NAEO President

It’s hard to believe that we’re already six months into the year and well into summer. It seems like the Dallas Conference was just a few weeks ago! Feedback from the conference has been great. Many thanks to all who put together another successful conference – conference chairs, committee members, presenters, the Board of Directors, our staff at Ewald Consulting and especially our members! I know one of my biggest take-aways from conference came from our keynote, Cy Wakeman, and her "Lead First, Manage Second” mantra.

At our Annual Business Meeting, the membership elected two new members to the Board of Directors: Lisa "Fun” Phillips and Mike "QR Code” Crossman. Both have already been hard at work on the Membership Committee strengthening our Mentor and Ambassador programs. Lina Cunningham was enthusiastically welcomed back to the board for her second term and is co-chairing the Education Committee. Trisha Johnson and Matt Crocker completed their two terms on the board. Please join me giving them a heartfelt thank-you for their time and dedication to NAEO! I know their many selfless hours working out front and behind the scenes to make our organization better have not gone unnoticed! During the first meeting of the new Board of Directors, Gerald Brosseau, II, was elected Vice President / President Elect. Congratulations, Gerald!

Just a few weeks ago, the Board of Directors and Amtelco leadership had our annual sit-down at Amtelco headquarters in McFarland, WI. The spirit of cooperation and energy at the meeting was a welcome continuation of the accomplishments of past years. We touched on many ongoing initiatives for growing membership, reaching out to the healthcare industry, and improving communications to members. It was a very productive meeting. I think Joe Everly summed up the relationship between Amtelco and NAEO very well – I may be paraphrasing a little here – It’s not the traditional vendor/customer relationship, but more like an "old married couple”. Sometimes we have our differences, but when you stick at it long enough, things tend to work out for the better. We are definitely on the right track in continuing to finds ways to strengthen our relationship.

The Education Committee is busy turning out professional educational content – from our continuing webinars (the schedule is available here), to the first-rate Intelligent Series workshops at the 2014 Summer Series in St. Louis, August 4 - 6 (register here). These events are put together and hosted by your highly talented peers. Space is limited for the Summer Series workshop, so please sign up today to reserve your spot!

Gerald Brosseau, II, and the Certification Committee are hard at working putting together a world-class training program. The courseware is built from the ground up to be in line with the latest versions of the Intelligent Series using real-world examples from expert IS programmers. Stand by for more exciting news from the Certification Committee as the year progresses.

The Future Directions Committee is under new leadership with Robert Donnelly taking the chair. He’s already grown the committee by bringing on some talented new members and is working on several "big picture” initiatives for the year. Well done, Robert!

With Dallas still a fond memory, Laurie Blow and the Conference Committee are already hard at work lining up speakers and topics for the 2015 Annual Conference at the Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, FL. With Laurie’s commitment to "changing up the conference," she has her sights set high. I’m sure Laurie and her energetic Conference Committee will put together another educational and entertaining conference for 2015!

NAEO is a great organization in large part because of its vibrant and dedicated volunteer community. We’re always on the lookout for individuals willing to share their skills, experiences and knowledge for the betterment of the group. If you’re interested in serving on any of our committees, please reach out to the committee chairs or any committee member. A description of the committees can be found here.

As always, NAEO welcomes your feedback. If you have any questions or would like more information on what NAEO can do for you, please don’t hesitate to email me at president@naeo.org.

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Be Inspired

Submitted by Gary Blair

Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer's day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.
~John Lubbock

Even if you have nothing in your wallet, nothing can keep you from having a great summer. You can listen to crickets sing you to sleep, trace the Big Dipper, breathe in the stars, run through a sprinkler, host a cartwheel contest in the front yard.
~Regina Brett

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by Michael Goumas, ProComm

Creating a Dynamic List in IS

Have you ever run into a script where you have …
1. Many screens to handle a list in each screen or
2. A single screen with tons of screen modes?

I had a script that (depending on the doctor) could be 1 of 20 different screens because each doctor was
seeing patients in different offices. So I would have to have 20 different value or DB lists in their own
separate screen modes.

This is a stored procedure that creates the list dynamically using SQL to build it on the fly.
Using the following stored procedure can create a dynamic list using a DB List without the need for a
backend database or having to create multiple DB List or Value List elements for multiple choices.
Here is the SQL stored procedure:

To see its use in SQL Server Management Studio:


All you would need to do is send the list to the stored procedure in the format of
~~etc. Just add the selection and then end it with the ~.

To see how it is setup in a script, I set the DynamicList variable and then changing the screen. Changing
the screen forces the draw of the element with the new information.

Then the screen that uses a DB List to just access the stored procedure:

Using this cuts down the screen modes and having to manage multiple screen elements. In my example
above, with 20 different Value List elements, I shortened the script to 1 DB List.

Michael Goumas
Manager of IT and Programming
a Professional Communications, Inc. LLC Company
Greenville - Raleigh - Houma - Hilo
PO Box 1176
Seneca, SC 29679
Office 888-453-3303
Cell 813-297-4227
Fax 864-985-1466

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Kurt VanderScheer

NAEO Board Spotlight

Lisa Phillips, Stericycle Communication Solutions

1. When did you started working in the telephony industry? I entered the industry as an employee with Appletree Answering Service as an assistant to the billing manager in June 2004. However, I had already known about the industry for many years prior through my husband, Jake Phillips. In fact, I was an agent for Jake at his first answering service job testing out the remote agent possibility.

2. What does your job entail? My job as the Education Team Manager for Stericycle Communication Solutions involves working with a team of Education Team Specialists on creating and facilitating education for our frontline team, as well as client education for new clients and ongoing education. I also partner with other business units within Stericycle to create and/or facilitate education specific to their areas.

3. What is your most favorite thing about your job? Working with team members and seeing how what we have taught them can be used to make their jobs easier and more gratifying.

4. When did you become involved with NAEO and why? I became involved with NAEO at the Savannah, GA, conference in 2008 when I was a Director of Operations. I went to learn how to be better at my job and was recruited to join the Education Committee by Betty Bouchie. I further became involved at the Newport Beach conference in 2010, where I walked away agreeing to facilitate the Summer Supervisor Workshops that were held in Philadelphia as well as working on the Webinars.

5. As a board member, what are your goals for your term? I would like to help members, both new and tenured, realize the benefits that their membership with NAEO has to offer. There are many benefits we have that on the surface seem like they cannot help everyone – but when you dig a little farther and get the right people involved in them, can really help all of our members, whether they are big or small, focused on one customer specialty or more broad ranged.

6. What is one thing about you or your work that is different or unique? I don’t know that there is anything different about me or my work; however, I think that I have a strong ability to keep my audience in mind with all of my interactions, whether it be in person or in written form. Knowing your audience and speaking to them is the best way to make sure your communication is not just good but effective.

7. Tell us a little personal information about you, your family and your hobbies or interests. As many people know, I am the "Fun Phillips”, not to be confused with Mrs. Jakey J. My job involves a lot of travel, which I enjoy because I get to meet new people and see new areas of the country. I have two teenagers and am proud to say I am living through these years to talk about it. I spend a lot of time with my small family of 4 whether it be at the pool in the summer, at soccer games or on our annual family vacation to the Outer Banks, NC.

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NAEO Summer Seminar Series

Become a Master at Intelligent Series Scripting

IS Workshop Photos

Register today! | Download pdf flyer

Space is limited, register today!

August 4-6, 2014, NAEO’s Education Committee is offering an exclusive three-day, hands-on training seminar on Intelligent Series Programming. The Embassy Suites Hotel at the St. Louis Airport is hosting this amazing event for commercial and medical answering services, hospital switchboards, and contact centers. Speakers include industry experts and NAEO Board Members Theran Mossholder, Newtown & Flemington Answering Service; Gerald R. Brosseau, II, Always On Call Answering Service; Education Committee Member Debbie Imes, Advantage Answering Plus; Amtelco Training Manager Susan Kirkpatrick; and Amtelco Software Expert John Van Walsum. Whether you are new to Intelligent Series or looking to cross-train coworkers and build a programming department, you’ll learn first-hand invaluable knowledge to efficiently and consistently program or convert your clients into Intelligent Series.

Thank you, Sponsor

Platinum Sponsor

Intelligent Series has been proven to reduce operator training time, improve customer service levels, and reduce potential operator error. Attendees will learn expert tips and tricks to develop master templates to program accounts with ease and efficiency. Similar NAEO training opportunities have completely sold out quickly over the last few years, so don't delay in registering you or your team!

Full event details and registration

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Save the date for the 2015 NAEO Annual Conference: March 9-11, 2015

2015 NAEO Annual Conference

Rosen Shingle Creek | 9939 Universal Blvd. | Orlando, Florida 32819

We want to highlight the following conference sessions for you:

Integrating Electronic Health/Medical Records or Practice Management Systems with Your Amtelco Call Center Equipment

Are you currently using one or more Electronic Health/Medical Records or Practice Management Systems? Come to this session and learn how to utilize more than one platform in an efficient manner. Are you a hospital-based call center? This session will help you increase the value of your department. Non-hospital based center? Learn how turn your call center into a profit center by integrating with an EHR/PM System.

Equipment On Site vs Co-Location Facility?

Operating in a 24/7 environment means disaster recovery and redundancy are essential. Do you build the redundancy yourself or do you use a data center? What are the pros and cons of each? Join us as two industry experts debate the issue!

Also, don't miss our Pre-Conference: March 7-8
IS Advanced Programming Workshop

Join the NAEO Education Committee and Amtelco for a two-day intensive programmers workshop designed to help enhance how you program and script with Intelligent Series!

This hands-on opportunity is valued at thousands of dollars if you were to bring an educator in to your office to train you or your staff. Throughout this workshop, attendees will able to effectively learn the tricks of the trade from industry experts and be able to lead their programming department or hospitals and businesses to new levels.

Budget Now for 2015:

Earlybird Conference Registration Rates

  • Member $695
  • Non-member: $952

Earlybird Pre-conference Registration Rates

  • Member $525
  • Non-member $825

Hotel Room Rate:

The room rate at the Rosen Shingle Creek: $209

Stay tuned and check back at naeo.org for more session information and conference details!

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ATSI Award of Excellence Winners 2014

June 17-20, 2014, Memphis, Tennessee

Year 1

Sunshine Communication Services
Coral Gables, FL

The Perfect Answer
Madison, WI

Emerald Coast Answerphone
Lynn Havel, FL

Nationwide Inbound, Inc.
Freeport, IL

Bennett Answering Service
Flint, MI

Marietta, GA

Alliance Communications Center, LLC
Orlando, FL

AnswerPro Limited
Mission, KS

Year 2 Bronze

TigerTel Communications Inc.

King's Telemessaging Services
Shreveport, LA

A Courteous Communications, Corp
Orlando, FL

PWC Message Center
Dothan, AL

Year 3 Silver

NetworkOne Message Center
Tampa, FL

Carolyn's Communications Inc.
Snellville, GA

AAA Message Connection
Chattanooga, TN


Year 4 Silver Plus

Range Call Center
Marquette, MI

Answer California
El Cajon, CA

Answer Plus, Inc.
Las Vegas, NV

Ambs Call Center
Jackson, MI TOP TEN

Year 5 Gold

TigerTel Communications Inc.
Nanaimo, BC

Commercial Telephone Exchange, Inc.
Reno, NV

Advanced Answering
Manchester, TN

Answer Bay Area
Tampa, FL

Year 6 Pearl

TigerTel Communications Inc.
Richmond, BC

Time Communications
White Bear Lake, MN

Central Communications Corp.
Riverdale, CA

Secretariats, Inc.
Norfolk, VA

Monroe Telephone
Beaumont, TX

The Legacy Connection
Tuscaloosa, AL

Answering Service Careby Global Response
Margate, FL


Year 7 Emerald

Quick Connections
Greenbelt, MD

Billie Clarke's Answering Service
San Diego, CA

Montreal, QC

Santa Ana, CA

TigerTel Communications Inc.
Vancouver, BC

Connections Call Center Ltd.
Squamish, BC TOP TEN

Always On Call Answering Service LLC
Concord, NH

The Answer Network

Year 8 Ruby

Action Telephone
Rochester, NY

Keener Communications, Inc.
Richmond, VA

Brooklyn, NY

Cosmopolitan Medical Communications
Phoenix, AZ

TigerTel Communications Inc.
Oshawa, ON

IPN Messaging
La Porte, IN TOP TEN

Phoenix, AZ


Year 9 Sapphire

Call Experts
Charleston, SC

Medcom Professional Services, Inc.
dba Keystone Answering Service
Allentown, PA

King Communications, Inc.
Saginaw, MI

Santa Cruz Answering Service
Santa Cruz, CA

Business & Professional Exchanges Inc.
Beverly, MA

Main Line TeleCommunications
Aston, PA

MedConnect USA
Las Vegas, NV

Alphapage LLC
Denver, CO

The Message Center
San Antonio, TX

Allgood Communications, Inc.
dba Executive Services,
Professional Communication Services,
NTC Answering Service
Pueblo, CO

Information Communications Group
Leawood, KS


Year 10 Diamond

Alexandria, VA

Messages & more, Inc.
Flagstaff, AZ

Alert Communications
Ventura, CA

Answer Excellence, Inc.
Clearwater, FL

Focus Telecommunications, Inc.
Eldersburg, MD

AnswerTel of Athens, Inc.
Athens, AL

St. Petersburg, FL

Answer Center
Virginia Beach, VA TOP TEN

Central Communications Inc.
Norwalk, CT

Finger Lakes Answering Service
Auburn, NY TOP TEN

Com Net, LLC
Muncie, IN

Communications Group
Syracuse, NY TOP SCORE

Year 11 Diamond Plus

Contact One Call Center, Inc.
Tucson, AZ

A Better Answer - Hurst
Hurst, TX

Berkshire Communicators Inc.
Pittsfield, MA

Port City Communications, Inc.
Port Huron, MI

Extend Communications Inc.
Brantford, ON

Carencro, LA

Alliance Wireless Communications
Kingston, ON

Answer 1 Communications
Phoenix, AZ TOP TEN

Antietam Call Center
Hagerstown, MD

Callnet Call Center
Bloomington, IN TOP TEN

Year 12 Diamond Plus

Corporate Message Services
Savannah, GA

TAB AnswerNetwork
Santa Ana, CA

Answer Quick
Louisville, TN

A Better Answer - Houston
Houston, TX

Year 13 Diamond Plus

Answer Midwest, Inc.
Alton, IL

Direct Line Teleresponse
Berkeley, CA

Carrollton, GA

Anser Services
Green Bay, WI TOP TEN

Year 14 Diamond Plus

Answer All
Westminster, CO


Year 15 Diamond Plus

T.A.S. Communications, Inc.
Madison, WI


Year 16 Diamond Plus

A Better Answer - Plano
Plano, TX


Year 17 Diamond Plus

Answer United
Kalamazoo, MI

Business Connections
Salem, OR

Hastings Communication Services
Austin, TX

Answernet Phoenix
Phoenix, AZ

Medcom Professional Services, Inc.
Levittown, PA


Year 18 Diamond Plus

Rochester Telemessaging Center
Rochester Hills, MI


ATSI Call Center Award of Distinction Winners 2014

St. John's, NL

Tigertel Communications, Inc.
Vancouver, BC

Nationwide Inbound, Inc.
Freeport, IL

Time Communications
White Bear Lake, MN

Tigertel Communications Inc.
Nanaimo, BC

Contact One Call Center, Inc.
Tucson, AZ

TigerTel Communications Inc.
Toronto & Halifax

Answer Quick
Louisville, TN

Focus Telecommunications, Inc.
Eldersburg, MD

Alert Communication

Answer 1 Communications
Phoenix, AZ


david drenk

Dashboard Code Call Message

by David Drenk

Starting with Infinity version 5.60.12, a scrolling code call notification is added to the Dashboard that is displayed in place of the Bulletin Board when a code call is triggered. The Dashboard includes a setting to configure how long the code call notification is displayed before the scroll stops and the Bulletin Board is displayed again.

The text of the scrolling message is hard-coded in the Infinity database to display "Emergency Call” and the appropriate account and station information. The scrolling message can be accompanied by a customizable audio alert.

The code call notification is enabled and assigned to a Call Distribution Table on the Distribution tab of the Forms & Lists page of System Setup.

To configure the setting, open the Infinity Supervisor application.

Click the System Settings icon.

The System pages are displayed.

Click the drop menu and select "System Forms & Lists.”

The System Forms & Lists pages are displayed.

Click the Distribution tab.

The Distribution page is displayed.

Select the Call Distribution Table (CDT) that you use for code calls or create a new table for this purpose.

Select the check box labeled "Code call – popup alert to operators.”

The sound file and the duration of the alert notification are configured in the Dashboard application.

To configure the code call settings, launch the Dashboard application.

Open the File menu and click the Setup command, or press CTRL + F12.

The Amtelco Dashboard Setup window is displayed.

Click the General Settings tab.

The General Settings page is displayed.

Code Wav

The Code Wav setting can be used to play a sound WAV format file when the code call notification appears.

To select a WAV file to play with code call notifications, click the Ellipses button.

The Open window is displayed.

Browse to the location of the sound file that you want to use.

Select the WAV file.

The file name is displayed in the File Name field.

Click the Open button.

The file path and name are displayed in the Code Wav field.

Remove Delay

The Remove Delay setting determines how long the code call notification is displayed before the scroll stops and the Bulletin Board is displayed again.

To change the amount of time that code call notifications are displayed in place of the Bulletin Board, type the number of milliseconds to display the notification.

When you have finished making configuration changes, click the Save button to save your settings and close the Amtelco Dashboard Setup window.

After making changes to the Amtelco Dashboard Setup, you must exit the Amtelco Dashboard application and reopen it for the changes to take effect.

To exit the Amtelco Dashboard application, click the File menu and then click the Exit command.


  • Infinity Dashboard 1.01.4339.01 or later
  • Infinity 5.60.12 or later
  • Infinity Supervisor 5.60.0016 or later
  • Infinity Telephone Agent 5.60.4364.09 or later

Amtelco Part Number: 232MP126

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Kelli Harrigan


Save Multiple IS Messages with the Save IS Message Response Element

by David Drenk

The Save IS Message response element creates an IS message in a client account. This element can be used to create multiple messages from one IS script and to create messages in more than one client account. The Subject and Message Text are customizable, so the element can be used to create duplicates of messages or can be used to create different messages for different contacts.

To add a Save IS Message element, click any of the Add/Remove Actions hyperlinks in an IS Message script. Select "Save IS Message” from the list of actions on the left side of the Select Actions window and then click the right arrow button. The Save IS Message Properties window is displayed.

The Properties for the Save IS Message element are used to specify a client number, the message subject and the contents of the message. The Properties also can associate the message with a Contact Definition and can mark the message as Urgent.

IS Save Message Properties

Client Number: The client account number of the client account in which the new message will be saved. If no client number is specified, the message will be created in the same account that is running the script.

Subject: The text, fields and values that will appear as the message Subject in the IS Message Center.

Message Text: The text, fields and values that will appear in the Message Summary of the new message.

The Client Number, Subject and Message Text properties have variable field types, which can be changed to use data obtained from other parts of the message script. By default, the field type of each of these properties is Text. To change the type of information that can be stored, click the field type, select "Change To” from the menu, and select a field type from the submenu.

For more information about field types, refer to the topic "Selecting Field Types” in the "Response Element Library” section of the Infinity Intelligent Series Supervisor Reference Guide.

For Contact: The message can be associated with an IS Directory Contact if one has been selected in the script. If you are using the optional IS Directory Contacts feature, click the menu to display the names of the Contact Definitions that have been created in Script Properties. Select a Contact Definition that a contact has been assigned to using the Select Contact response element or the Create New Contact response element.

Urgent: Select this check box to mark the message as Urgent.

When you have finished setting Properties, click the OK button to close the Save IS Message Properties window.


  • IS Supervisor 5.60.4364.06 or later
  • IS Server 3.7.4364.19150 or later
  • SQL Server 2005 or later
  • IS Messaging
  • IS Directory Contacts (optional)
  • Infinity 5.60.11 or later (optional)
  • Infinity Telephone Agent 5.60.4364.09 or later (optional)
  • Soft Agent 3.7.4364.06 or later (optional)
  • Web Scripting 3.7.4364.1 or later (optional)
  • IS Web 3.7.4364.0 or later (optional)

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