July 2010

Betty Bouchie

From the Editor
by Betty Bouchie

My niece, Kelsie, wants to be a vet when she grows up. She is 13. She has been focused on that for a number of years and is determined to do whatever it takes to get there. As a family, last year and this year, we go to Prince Edward Island for a week of vacation while she attends Vet Camp. So, we go swimming and shopping and take naps in the sun and she attends classes and surgery and learns about the things that can live inside animals. But, at the end of the week, who do you think has smiled the most? It is her dream, her passion and the thing that makes her the happiest. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all felt that way about what we were doing?

Keep smiling - it makes people wonder what you've been up to. ~Author Unknown

Follow the link for an interesting article called "Top 7 Ways to Discover the work you were Born to do”.


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Be Inspired

"Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day."

- Quoted in P.S. I Love You, compiled by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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Something to Smile About...
The ideal car for a woman...

This is what makes life worth living every minute, every day.

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Plan now to attend NAEO's 2011 Annual Conference in New Orleans!

March 13-14, 2011: Pre-conference
March 14-16, 2011: Conference

Have you had a chance to visit beautiful New Orleans? To walk down Bourbon Street or see the French Quarter? If so, you know what you would be missing if you don't mark your calendar now and save the dates for the 27th Annual NAEO Conference, March 13-16.

This is truly an experience you won't want to miss. This wonderful area is filled with history, combined with friends and colleagues to learn and grow with, and exchange ideas that will help you to shape your business of tomorrow.

You won't want to miss our fantastic lineup of conference sessions:

  • Breakout tracks for Sales/Marketing, Operations and Technical topics
  • General sessions on the latest Amtelco technology
  • Round Table discussions

Hotel Reservations

The Roosevelt Hotel
123 Baronne Street
New Orleans, LA 70112

Reservations can be made by calling 1-800-WALDORF or 504-648-1200. Ask for the group rate for National Amtelco Equipment Owners.

Room rate is $199 single/double.

Pre-conference workshops:

  • Supervisor Workshop
  • IS Programming Workshop
  • 1Call Seminar, brought to you by Amtelco for Hospital staff

Don't forget the valuable networking opportunities you get whenever our members gather together, virtually guaranteeing you the chance to bring home at least one idea to pay for your whole trip!

Watch for conference details at or visit our fan page on Facebook at

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Gerald Brosseau
Gerald Brosseau

Upcoming Educational Workshops and Webinars
By Gerald R. Brosseau, II, NAEO Education Committee Chair

Since the annual conference in Newport Beach this year, the NAEO Education Committee has been energetically listening to member requests and reviewing feedback. With several new members joining the committee, there is now a vast amount of great educational content planned in 2010 and early 2011. The education committee is comprised of three subcommittees that focus on webinars and workshops for; Supervisors, Intelligent Series Programmers, and Hospital Call Centers.

The NAEO Education Committee is currently developing a webinar series for training call center supervisors, beginning July 28, 2010. Topics include:

  • Best Practices on New Agent Education
  • How to Manage Staff Efficiencies
  • Managing Customer Relations
  • Dealing with Difficult Employees
  • Reports to Use to Get the Most Out of Your Staff
  • Amtelco Software, including: Infinity Telephone Agent, Voice Logger, Ultracomm, eResponse, Infinity Supervisor, Report Generator, Unified Reports, and more!

Beginning July 21, 2010, look for webinars on Disaster Planning, including:

  • Why You Need a Disaster Recovery Plan
  • How to Start Your Disaster Recovery Plan

Also, don’t miss one of the highly member recommended webinars on July 14, 2010 for members that have Billing Link 4 or are considering upgrading.

All of these webinars are included with your NAEO membership. In fact, by member request, beginning this year, NAEO webinars will be recorded and posted on the NAEO website for future reference.

The NAEO Education Committee will also be collocating with GLTSA to host a training seminar for both Supervisors and Intelligent Series Programmers in Chicago, IL from October 27-28, 2010. These concurrent workshops promise to be intensive, hands-on training that call center supervisors and basic and intermediate IS programmers will not want to miss! Attendance will be limited to these workshops. Please keep an eye on the list serve and NAEO website in the next month for registration details.

To become a member of the Education Committee or offer suggestions for future educational sessions, please e-mail:

To view the calendar of events, please click here.

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IS Tip
by Jennifer Terragni, Database Administrator, American Medical Alert Corporation

July IS tip

This is an example of "&”.


ID = Tr
NUM = ue

So, ID&NUM (or in other words ID+NUM) = True.

True = True

(True) "Spells True”


ID = ue

NUM = Tr

So, ID&NUM (or ID+NUM) = ueTr

ueTr = True

(False) "Does Not Spell True”

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Top Ten Customer Service Mistakes
by Nancy Friedman, the Telephone Doctor

"What are the best customer service tips?" is a common request we get. Recently someone asked us about the worst customer service mistakes? So, to make it even, we've compiled the ten worst customer service mistakes. Take note and don't let these happen to you!

1. Not Being Friendly Enough
Without exception, not being friendly is the number one customer service mistake. Customers should be treated as welcomed guests when they call or visit your company. As we've all experienced, sometimes we're treated as an annoyance or an interruption. The Telephone Doctor motto: "Be friendly before you know who it is" is one way to eliminate this mistake.

2. Poor Eye Contact
Heads that twirl on a spindle when you're working with a customer is a big mistake. Keep your eyes on the customer. It's a sure sign the person you're talking with isn't holding your interest when you're glancing all around. And they'll notice it quickly. Obviously, Telephone Doctor understands making good eye contact on the phone is a bit difficult, albeit impossible. Therefore, when you're on the phone you need to be completely focused on the call and the customer. Don't type, unless it pertains to the call, don't read something else, and don't do anything but listen to the caller.

3. Talking with Co-workers and Ignoring or Not Acknowledging the Customer
This customer service mistake unfortunately happens a lot. Seems as though it's more important to continue talking with a co-worker than establishing immediate rapport with the customer. Drop the internal conversation as soon as you see the customer. Carrying on a conversation with someone in your office while you're talking with a customer on the phone is a real no-no!

4. Being Rude
No one thinks they're rude; certainly not on purpose. However, the customer can perceive many things you do as rude. And as they say, "Perception is reality." What's rude? Interrupting the customer, not listening to their concerns, talking on your cell phone when trying to help them, not sounding happy, chewing in the customers face or on the phone. This is just the start of a long list of 'rudes.'

5. Poor Product Knowledge
If you're not familiar with the products and services you offer, it's going to be very frustrating to the customer. Take the time to learn about your company. Know what's going on. If you're temporary or are new with the company, that shouldn't be used as an excuse. Customers don't care if you're new, working on a temporary assignment or if it's not your department. All they want is help and information. Ask to be trained. Ask for more information from your company. Telling a customer, "I'm new" or "I'm just a temp" only adds fuel to the fire. You can explain that you will find someone to help them as you are "not familiar" with the situation. That at least shows you're going to help them.

6. Leaving a Customer Without Telling Them Where You're Going and Why
It's a very good idea to explain to your customer, in person or on the phone, what you're going to be doing for them. It helps them a lot and gives them a lot of patience. If you need to "go to the back" to get something it's easy to say, "Mr. Jones, the widget you're looking for is in the stock room. Let me go get it for you. I'll be a few moments." The same procedure should apply on the phone. Never tell the caller, "Hold on." Let the caller know where you are going and approximately how long you think you'll be. This will make working with the customer easier for both them and you.

7. Blaming, accusing and complaining
It's not the person you blame that will look bad . . . it's you. Don't blame (or knock) the company, its policy or any member of the staff. Customers don't want to hear about whose fault it is, they just want the situation fixed. Take full responsibility of the situation on hand. Don't blame, accuse or complain.

8. Not Double-Checking
When a customer wants something and it's not available, it's how you reject them that's more important than the fact that you are rejecting them. The process of double-checking should become habit forming. It should be a standard operating procedure. It feels so good when you tell someone, "The last time I checked we were out of stock, but let me DOUBLE-CHECK for you to be sure." I personally can think of dozens of times when I asked the person to double-check after they told me they were out of things and what do you know . . . someone had reordered and the person didn't know about it. It's a big mistake to not double-check.

9. One-Word Answers
We're taught in school that three words make a sentence. Don't answer with one word. Even yes, no and OK are perceived as rude and uncaring. A Telephone Doctor reminder - use complete sentences for your customer.

10. Head Shaking

When a customer asks you for something, give them a verbal answer. Shaking your head up and down or back and forth is NOT an appropriate answer. They can't hear your head rattle.

Fixing these customer service mistakes will enhance your ability to work better with customers. Remember, it's the SLD's (subtle little differences) that make the big difference.

Good luck!

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