NAEO Honorary Society
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To be a network or membership class comprised of and limited to individuals who were at one time employees of member companies and through business activities are no longer active with members of NAEO or companies using Amtelco equipment and no longer directly involved in the answering service/call center industry.

Honorary Society Recipients

Mari Osmon
Joseph Miller
Marci Imes
Jim Marchbank
Doug Swift
Robert Donnelly


To honor individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to the NAEO organization and to foster their continued involvement as industry leaders who will contribute their expertise and knowledge to the betterment of NAEO, NAEO members, and their business operations.


  • To honor individual awardees, Hall of Fame Winners, and past presidents.
  • To foster continued involvement of past awardees, presidents, board members and other honorees in the organization.


Designees are to be individuals who have worked for NAEO member companies and are people who merit and have received recognition for distinct service in a NAEO leadership role:

  • Former NAEO Presidents
  • NAEO Hall of Fame Award Winners
  • Other honorees invited by the NAEO Board of Directors

Benefits include:

  • Invitation to attend the annual conference at full member conference rate
  • Receive the NAEO newsletter
  • Be eligible to present education topics, sessions, and keynote addresses.
  • Special recognition for inductees at the NAEO conference opening reception
  • Access to the NAEO Annual Report
  • Ability to contribute to the member listserv
  • Serving as an ad-hoc resource to committee chairs


There will be no by-laws for this society. The society will operate as a sub-group of the NAEO Board of Directors.


Membership will be approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. Eligible individuals may be invited by the NAEO Board of Directors to participate or may make a request to participate to the NAEO Board of Directors.

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